October 6, 2017 — By WPTouch Admin

WPtouch 4.3.18 Released!

We’re happy to announce a new release for WPtouch Pro & the free WPtouch. Here is what you can find in the latest update:

  • Fixed: Output of script tags within the customizer custom footer content area.
  • New Feature: Added ‘foundation_settings_footer’ filter to Foundation theme to allow for changes to customizer footer settings for future theme support.
  • New Feature: Filter ‘wptouch_pro_analytics_settings’ for manipulation of analytics settings.
  • Fixed: Prevent stripping of form input elements from the additional footer html content entered in the customizer.

If you run into any issues with this update, please email support@wptouch.com for paid support (available to active license holders). If you are a user of the free plugin, post in the WordPress plugin forums for free support. Please note that we will do our best to help out free plugin users, but there are certain issues that we can only assist with if you have an active pro license. Want to read more mobile plugin testimonials?

Enjoy the new release!

August 22, 2017 — By WPTouch Admin

WPtouch Pro 4.3.16 Released!

We’ve been hard at work making stability improvements WPtouch, WPtouch Pro, and it’s core extensions over the past few months. Our goal has been to stabilize the core plugin as much as possible so it is easier to launch new features and more exciting updates.

Here is some of what’s been updated since our last blog post WPtouch Pro 4.3.10:

  • Fixed: Updated functionality for theme incompatibility notice to be permanently dismissed.
  • Fixed: Updated functionality for plugin incompatibility notice to be permanently dismissed.
  • Fixed: Bug where automatically-chosen font colors were wrong.
  • Fixed: PHP 7.1.2 error regarding “Process desktop theme shortcodes” option.
  • Fixed: Bug where backslashes were being stripped from shortcode display.
  • New Feature: Adds default functionality to send no cache request headers when mobile theme is showing. Also adds option in admin to disable this functionality.
  • WPML Compatibility: Allows posts to display for chosen language in mobile blog index.
  • Fixed: Bug where password protected pages would not display properly with ‘process desktop shortcodes’ option enabled.
  • Security: Added escaping to untrusted output.

Sneak Peak into the future

In addition to the WPtouch core updates, we’ve been working on updates to our MobileStore theme and the AMP extension. Keep an eye on the blog here since there will be an update post once the updates are ready and available for you to get.

If you run into any issues with this update, please email support@wptouch.com for paid support (available to active license holders). If you are a user of the free plugin, post in the WordPress plugin forums for free support. Please note that we will do our best to help out free plugin users, but there are certain issues that we can only assist with if you have an active pro license.

Enjoy the new release!

March 8, 2017 — By WPTouch Admin

WPtouch Pro 4.3.10 Released!

Today, we’re happy to announce new releases of WPtouch Pro (version 4.3.10) and WPtouch Free (4.3.13)! With this release, WPtouch core (and themes) are faster than they’ve ever been!

This was a release focused on speed. Our goal is to deliver the best mobile solution for your WordPress site and, to date, our focus on page speed has revolved around our proprietary server-side technology that optimizes your WordPress site for mobile devices before your users download the content.

With this release, we took a much-needed look at client-side enhancements to page speed. We conducted a front-end speed audit of the core plugin and each of the themes to identify where we could improve the performance and load time of every site using WPtouch.

Speed audit in hand, our growing development team buckled down and took the necessary steps towards making the plugin and themes faster than ever. And this is just the beginning! We have a few more ideas and updates planned that will continue to increase the speed of your mobile website.

If you run into any issues with this update, please email support@wptouch.com for paid support (available to active license holders). If you are a user of the free plugin, post in the WordPress plugin forums for free support. Please note that we will do our best to help out free plugin users, but there are certain issues that we can only assist with if you have an active pro license.

Enjoy the new release!

January 23, 2017 — By The WPtouch Team

Meet the WPtouch Team

As we mentioned in our last post announcing our acquisition, there have been some exciting new changes recently with WPtouch! Not only have we made some changes with the management team, but there have also been a few new members joining the WPtouch product team. As such, we’d like to bring attention to the current WPtouch team and introduce a few new members.

The first two individuals to introduce are Emilio and Adam – these two are the guys many of you know and love, and have been supporting our customers and the product for quite some time.

Emilio Rivera


Emilio is a six year veteran of WPtouch, and has been the head of customer support for much of that time period. Emilio is dedicated to solving support issues and ensuring that WPtouch is working great on your websites.

Adam Di Pardo


Adam handles most incoming customer support/pre-sales inquiries from the website, and also provides customer support via our support portal. In addition, Adam is a skilled PHP and WordPress developer, and often helps craft fixes and new features for the product.

Zach Wills


Zach is a senior WordPress developer, and has extensive experience developing WordPress plugins and themes, including experience on the WordPress VIP platform. Zach came on board in late 2016, and is already heavily involved in future exciting additions to both the product and website.

Anne Barkett


Anne joined the WPtouch team in late 2016 as well, and has since been contributing her extensive design experience and aesthetic to some beautiful new mobile designs. You’ll undoubtedly start seeing some of her handiwork in future WPtouch releases as 2017 unfolds.

Brock Ferguson


Brock is an experienced developer, data scientist (Ph.D), and founder of other successful software products. He recently joined SureSwift Capital as VP of Technology, and will be contributing heavily to the future development and direction of WPtouch.

Going Forward

With all the new changes recently with WPtouch and the team, one thing that hasn’t changed is our dedication to a great product and a fantastic customer support experience. So rest assured you can continue to expect exciting product updates and timely, knowledgable product support going forward!

January 17, 2017 — By The WPtouch Team

WPtouch joins the SureSwift family: The next chapter for the most popular mobile solution for WordPress

We’re very happy to announce that WPtouch has been acquired by the folks at SureSwift Capital Inc., another great Canadian software company. Since acquiring WPtouch, SureSwift’s team has been working very hard — and in close contact with WPtouch’s founders — to continue strengthening WPtouch’s position as the most popular mobile solution for WordPress.

What does this mean for our current customers?

If you’re using WPtouch products (the plugin, extensions, and themes) your license will continue uninterrupted. Current customers have no reason to worry. For you, little has changed and what has changed is for the better! The SureSwift team is investing fresh new resources into developing WPtouch and, in the coming weeks and months, you can expect a slew of product updates, new features and more!

What’s the original WPtouch team doing?

For most of them, it’s life as normal! The excellent support and development team will continue to work on WPtouch alongside the broader team at SureSwift. They are also welcoming several new staff members (more info on them to come shortly!) to help grow and improve WPtouch for its customers. As for us (WPtouch’s original founders, Duane and Dale), we are assisting in the transition and continuing to support the new team as it further executes on their vision.

What led to the decision?

Some people might not realize, but we’ve been working on WPtouch for over 8 years. We realized early on that, as WPtouch continued to grow, it would eventually outgrow our comfort levels in terms of scale. Don’t get us wrong, this is a great problem to have! But it led us to begin a casual search several years ago for a partner or owner who would be willing to take on WPtouch and continue our work.

Only now have we found the right fit. In SureSwift, we found a great partner and excellent steward for WPtouch. SureSwift’s focus is on acquiring mature, profitable businesses, and their expertise and vision promises to carry WPtouch forward in a way that we can be proud of. We are excited that WPtouch has a bright future.

What’s next for WPtouch?

While we’ve never shared too much about future plans for WPtouch, rest assured there are lots of great ideas that we’ve had for quite some time without the resources to make them a reality. SureSwift will be injecting time, efforts and capital into the product, with new team members to execute on many things that we weren’t able to.

Thank You

To all of our dedicated, loyal customers over the years we wish to thank you for supporting us and WPtouch and helping make it the best mobile solution for WordPress for almost a decade. We know the product is in capable hands and we hope you’ll continue to enjoy what WPtouch can do for your websites.

To the WordPress community itself we also wish to thank you deeply — you’ve been so supportive, encouraging and inspiring over the years, and we’ve met many great friends over this time.

WordPress is the best thing that happened to the web over the past decade, empowering millions and millions of individuals and businesses to share ideas, grow businesses, and redefine the limitations of what you could do with a website.

We don’t know what the future holds for us, but we’re excited for both our own careers forward and the future of that little mobile plugin that matured into a household name in the WordPress ecosystem.

Duane Storey & Dale Mugford
Founders, BraveNewCode Inc.

December 21, 2016 — By WPTouch Admin

WPtouch Pro 4.3.6 Released!

Our newest releases of WPtouch, version 4.3.6, and our free version, 4.3.9, are out! The releases solve a few bugs that our users reported, and makes WPtouch compatible with the newly-released WordPress 4.7. In addition, the latest releases address a compatibility issue with Wordfence.

For Pro users, we’ve also released updates to our Bauhaus theme, and the Power Pack and Multi-Ads extensions.

Specifics on each update is below:

WPtouch Core

* WPtouch is now compatible with WordPress 4.7!
* We resolved a bug that was causing an error message to display for users of WPtouch and the latest version of Wordfence. The message was a false-positive, and our update fixes it.

Bauhaus (including free)

* We fixed a small bug that could cause sticky posts to display when they shouldn’t.

Power Pack

* We fixed a bug that left some HTML code behind for users who had enabled JavaScript minification. The left behind code did not cause any functionality issues, but removing it keeps the code of your website clean.


* We improved how the extension displays the mid-content ad, specifically fixing a bug where it would sometimes not render in posts that had embedded tweets.

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