5 Reasons To Try WPtouch WordPress Mobile Theme Plugin

5 Reasons To Try WPtouch WordPress Mobile Theme Plugin

Building a business is challenging, even without the influence of the Internet. Mastering your presence on the Internet can make you soar even higher or become a wasted opportunity. Implementing the WPtouch WordPress mobile theme plugin to your site can make the difference between just a good presence and a great one for mobile.

How do you know if WPtouch WordPress plugin is right for you?

Download the plugin and start using it on your existing sites today and see for yourself!

While the opportunities for WPtouch to have an impact on your business are endless, here are five notable ways our mobile plugin can change the way your online site operates today:

1. Increase your SEO

It is no secret that Google is one of, if not the, most important player in search engine traffic and you need solid (SEO) to rank in the SERP’s. Being favorable in Google’s eyes is the key to increasing overall traffic to your site and, increasing your conversion rates. When Google likes your site it will appear more frequently and favorably in a user’s search. That said, sites that are optimized in a mobile friendly format on a handheld, cellular device will automatically have a higher SEO rating, as Google takes kindly to mobile friendly website versions to support the needs of their customers.

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With WPtouch, by improving your site’s mobile friendly display and formatting, you will automatically increase your SEO rating.

WPtouch will also adjust your site’s formatting and display to conform to Google’s code updates. This means that if Google’s search algorithm changes, your site will still be prepared for changes that influence mobile. Just ask Setati, author of a WordPress 5 Star review for WPtouch: “Today is the day everyone is freaking out about how Google changed it’s code and everyone’s website will be messed up. I checked – we are fine. Why? This great plugin. I never have to worry about it. The website always looks like I expect it to look.”

2. Increase Your Conversion Rates with WPtouch WordPress mobile site plugin

By default, as your SEO rating increases, traffic to your site and your chances for higher conversion rates will also go up. Conversion rates, in simpler terms, are the rates at which people buy your product; the higher you can convert a viewer to a paying customer, the better (duh!). Using WPtouch WordPress mobile site plugin will drive traffic to your site and increase the overall success of your business.

3. Manage Multiple Sites At Once

WPtouch is the only mobile solution for WordPress that seamlessly and effectively works in a WordPress multisite network environment. With features such as “inheritable settings” that configure other sites you work with to automatically use default settings and a “hide settings” feature that only allows admins to see and change settings so that sub site users cannot, integrating multiple sites is easier. Easier “deployment” features also allow you to deploy settings from one site to another with no problem. Finally, “theme & extension control” allows you to customize themes and extensions available to sub sites on your network, giving you (as the admin) total control.

As anyone’s business expands, their ventures may also expand to include more than one site. Instead of having to switch platforms or juggle multiple programs to ensure that all of your sites are optimized, choose only WPtouch and have a platform that lets you effortlessly manage several sites at once. With pricing for a business of any size, it is a no-brainer.

4. (Constant) Access To Professional Support

Even though technology is more present than ever and continues to evolve into user-friendly varieties, technical glitches are not obsolete and can be extremely frustrating. Whether it is downloading WPtouch WordPress mobile theme plugin for the first time, dealing with a reoccurring coding issue or any other technical problems that may arise, WPtouch’s team of developers and professionals help you determine exactly what the problem is and how to fix it. Often, they will even recognize and solve the problem for you.

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Developer feedback is constantly being incorporated into updates and new releases, as is customer feedback. Incoming support inquiries are flagged in order of priority, ensuring fast and quality professional support from the WPtouch mobile theme WordPress team.

Sound too good to be true? Check out real customer testimony published on WordPress.org.

One WordPress blogger titled their WPtouch review Best Support Ever!, going on to say “This plugin has the best support EVER!! They have helped me with the most complex problems and the easy ones. I would recommend this plugin to anyone.”

Another review entitled Great plugin and support is above and beyond said “The support is just world class with pretty much immediate response…above and beyond”

Finally, Excellent plugin, even better support read: “I ran into an issue with a critical third party plugin not working correctly, and so I contacted WPtouch support. Emilio was my support rep, and he worked over a period of a couple of days until the problem was completely resolved. I could not have asked for better after sale support.”

5. Create a User Friendly Mobile Display with WordPress plugin mobile site optimizer

One of the best reasons for incorporating WPtouch plugin to your website and product is the ease of mobile display integration it enables your business. One of the most prominent reasons that people use WPtouch or a similar WordPress plugin mobile site optimization platform is to ensure that their site not only appeals to Google algorithms but also ranks well amongst users based on appearance and usability.

With WPtouch’s best mobile WordPress theme, you have a handful of unique and user friendly themes specifically designed for mobile device usage.

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These are just five of the endless ways that WPtouch WordPress mobile theme plugin can have an immense impact on the online presence of your business and, as a result, the success of your company.

Download the our theme plugins for WordPress and start experiencing the difference today!

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