Web App Mode

Offer an app without the App Store.

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    All Themes

    Web App Mode is supported by all themes natively, and requires no additional coding or setup. Simply install, and activate.

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    Save to Homescreen

    Web App Mode allows visitors to save your website to their homescreens, and then open and navigate your app fullscreen outside the web browser.

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    Choose startup screens, exclude URLs, and more. Web App Mode includes options to tailor the experience for your visitors.

Offer an app without the App Store.

Only WPtouch allows your iOS visitors to save your website like an app.

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    Notice Message
    Visitors get notified they can save your website as a web app.
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    Add to Home Screen
    They save your website to the home screen– you customize the icon.
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    One Tap Away
    Once saved, they'll see your icon just like other apps.
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    Full Screen Glory
    Visitors now open your website in full screen, just like native apps.

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