The Best Mobile WordPress Themes and How to Achieve Them

The Best Mobile WordPress Themes and How to Achieve Them

Finding and integrating the best mobile WordPress themes into your website can be challenging, even overwhelming. The most tech-savvy business owners can run into problems and will search for ways to simplify the entire process. Enter WPtouch, the best mobile WordPress Themes plugin for nearly every WordPress site.

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Download the plugin today and start the journey toward mobile optimization you’ve been waiting for.

Your Search For The Best WordPress Mobile Theme

There are plenty of great reasons to implement a WordPress mobile optimization plugin into your company’s online platform. Determining the best WordPress mobile theme specific to your site is just one of the reasons to choose WPtouch.

First, how important is a mobile optimized theme?
In short, very. WPtouch mobile plugin themes are designed from the ground up, configured and customized specifically for a mobile device. When you integrate a mobile theme with a WordPress site, you get an online platform that both works and looks great on any mobile device.

In comparison to not integrating a mobile theme, the desktop version of your site will often load images and videos incorrectly, format text incorrectly and will also load more slowly overall. This will cause viewers to bounce (leave your site quickly), and cause your website to fall in search engine rankings.

What are WPtouch mobile theme features?
Because WPtouch was created specifically for WordPress, features are also created specifically for WordPress. Custom post types, custom menus, tools to establish feature images and more are optimized for WordPress, and mobile.

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Similarly, easy media handling of audio, video and pictures means resizing them to adjust to a mobile screen is done quickly and efficiently. All adjustments are made based on mobile retina screen displays.

Customization features allow you to change fonts, set logos and more with our WPtouch flexible design.

What sorts of themes can you expect to choose from?
Depending on the WPtouch plan you opt for, there are a number of themes that you can choose from. Each mobile site will respond differently to a certain theme:

Bauhaus is one of the most flexible themes, designed in particular to work with your branding. Bauhaus allows you to set the logo, color and text to match that on your desktop theme as well.

MobileStore is, unsurprisingly, best for mobile commerce site use. Off-canvas menu and cart support along with features such as multi-touch product pages and one-page checkout make MobileStore the easiest way for customers to shop on the go.
MobileStore specifically focuses on speed and ease-of-use in order to maximize mobile sales. WooCommerce? No problem.

Classic Redux is one of the most modern and structured content layouts; a timeless theme that makes it easily customizable.

CMS is the best choice for a site with a lot of content because it can handle it! This is particularly important with mobile devices, which are particularly prone to running slowly with large amounts of content.

Simple is the most flexible, easy-to-navigate theme, with an uncluttered, playful structure to it. Simple is most commonly used for businesses, blogs, page-driven sites, schools…the list goes on.

Prose is designed for writers, able to handle and showcase content beautifully. While content can look great on a desktop, the mobile version of that displayed content can be tricky to format nicely. Prose integrates unique features such as an “article time remaining functionality” and sharing capabilities to get even more exposure to writer’s content. Off-canvas menu features also enable visitors to change text size and view entire collections.

Open is ideal for small businesses, letting visitors to the site instantly and easily view the important details you want them to know. Operating hours, click-to-call capabilities and storefront locations as well as menus and sales offers are all expertly displayed on mobile devices.

Which theme is right for you? Browse all of our WordPress mobile themes.

Once You Decide The Best Mobile Theme WordPress WPtouch Can Offer…

You’re ready to start seeing some changes! Integrating WPtouch is the first step.

No matter which theme is the best mobile theme WordPress WPtouch plugin can provide to you, the overall benefits you will get from using WPtouch are the same.

Gain access to features such as:

Live Preview: let’s you view what your site will look like before it goes live, letting you adjust and make changes in real-time.
Device and Orientation: easily switch between portrait and landscape views and see how your themes adapt and respond on various devices
Extensions: There are a handful of extensions to enhance user and admin controls.
Shortcuts: WPtouch will attempt to locate shortcodes already used in your desktop platform and display them on your mobile interface.
Post & Pages: Display posts and page content automatically (with zero configuration).
Automatic Updates: Developer and customer feedback goes directly to WPtouch, so the regular product, theme and extension updates can be integrated into the plugin and on your site as-soon-as-possible.

What Are You Waiting For?

Now that you know why WPtouch is the best mobile WordPress themes creator, you know what you need to do.

WPtouch is designed specifically for WordPress, meaning no more messy adapting to a separate mobile optimization service or trying to integrate WordPress features into that additional application.

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Pricing for WPtouch is dependent on the features you want to have access to and the site that you want to optimize. Mobile theme WordPress bundles start at just 1 WordPress site and can include as many as 50 sites; as you increase the number of sites you manage, developer support and multi-site support is recommended and often included. Extensions included also increase as the numbers of sites on your platform grow.

Browse all of the WPtouch themes, the packages available for purchase and details on features and add-ons to make an informed decision. Whatever decision you do make, WPtouch can make the difference between a “fair” mobile presence and an amazing user experience.

Trust WPtouch to optimize your mobile site and never look back; download today!

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