October 6, 2017 — By WPTouch Admin

WPtouch 4.3.18 Released!

We’re happy to announce a new release for WPtouch Pro & the free WPtouch. Here is what you can find in the latest update:

  • Fixed: Output of script tags within the customizer custom footer content area.
  • New Feature: Added ‘foundation_settings_footer’ filter to Foundation theme to allow for changes to customizer footer settings for future theme support.
  • New Feature: Filter ‘wptouch_pro_analytics_settings’ for manipulation of analytics settings.
  • Fixed: Prevent stripping of form input elements from the additional footer html content entered in the customizer.

If you run into any issues with this update, please email [email protected] for paid support (available to active license holders). If you are a user of the free plugin, post in the WordPress plugin forums for free support. Please note that we will do our best to help out free plugin users, but there are certain issues that we can only assist with if you have an active pro license. Want to read more mobile plugin testimonials?

Enjoy the new release!

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