Mobile Site Plugin: WPtouch and our Reviews

Mobile Site Plugin: WPtouch and our Reviews

Mobile site plugins optimize the desktop version of a site for a variety of reasons. Mobile Internet usage is soaring, it is particularly important to utilize cellular and other mobile device platforms in order to take advantage of that market. Join more than half a million businesses that have utilized WPtouch mobile theme plugin for their WordPress website.

Download the plugin and keep reading to see what real WPtouch customers had to say about the service.

On WPtouch Mobile Customer Care:

Overwhelmingly, the most overarching theme that customer reviews have in common is their praise of the WPtouch customer service and support team.

WPtouch mobile plugin was founded and is run by professionals with over thirty combined years of experience. Everything from troubleshooting to development, formatting to coding, the WPtouch team has seen it all and is ready and more-than-willing to help you succeed.

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Our team has helped launch and is currently running over a half-million sites across the Globe; our experience is unmatched by any other mobile optimization service. If you’re someone saying “just because they have the tools to succeed doesn’t mean they will” take a look at actual reviews regarding customer service:

The support is just world class with pretty much immediate response. In fact, I recently had a problem with something that ended up being not directly related to WPtouch Pro and they just trouble-shot it and fixed it. It really saved my “you know what” in an important week for my company. They didn’t know this while they were helping me. Above and beyond.

This plugin has the best support EVER!! They have helped me with the most complex problems and the easy ones. I would recommend this plugin to anyone.

Awesome plugin with great functionality and features. Their tech support is excellent, they always get back to me promptly and honestly do their best to figure out the issue and solve it. I highly recommend this plugin, you won’t be sorry for your decision.

I give it five stars anyway because their customer service and support desk staff are totally awesome, quick to look at issues and quick to patch issues. I found a number of bugs that were very quick to resolve and I am very, very happy with the way our store handles itself on Android devices now. The software itself is super easy to use.

Special shout out to Emilio, he helped me out with issues we determined were not actually related to WPtouch, and was just all around great to deal with and super helpful.

With reviews with titles such as “best support ever!”, “Excellent plugin, even better support”, “Great plugin and support is above and beyond” and “Great support, worth it”, it is clear that the WPtouch team of experts aren’t just behind the scenes but are attentive and helpful with all their customers!

On Mobile Site Adaptability:

One of the hardest parts of maintaining a good SEO rank and a successful business is staying favorable in Google’s eyes. Staying on top of Google algorithms and automatically adjusting your site’s mobile version to preserve it’s Google-friendly status is one of the best features of the WPtouch plugin.

While other site’s SEO ratings tank as Google fluctuates its algorithms, WPtouch will ensure yours does not. Take a look at customer testimonials:

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Today is the day everyone is freaking out about how Google changed it’s code and everyone’s website will be messed up. I checked – we are fine. Why? This great plugin. I never have to worry about it. The website always looks like I expect it to look.

As google will be changing the search algorithm I decided to look for some nice mobile theme plugin – and found this one. I had tried various other plugins but none of them worked as seamlessly and produced such nice results like this one. Great work!

No other mobile site optimizer adjusts as effortlessly and efficiently as WPtouch. When you install WPtouch, there is no fear that your site mobile rankings have plummeted; let WPtouch handle the details and you sit back and focus on your business!

On Functionality, Display, Pricing And More:

Excellent and easy to implement on a theme that wasn’t originally responsive.
Makes life so much easier and fits your old HTML content into a nice mobile frame with a great simple menu.

Well done guys, this is fantastic. Installed and now my site looks perfect on mobile, not even a setting change required!

I’m speaking as a total beginner, but this plugin has done for me exactly what i was looking for!

Worked great, beats the HELL out of building a second site…thanks!

It was just what I needed to make Google and viewers happy.

I liked it so much I bought the WPtouch Pro

I used this Plugin two years ago at a different page. A few days ago I started a new blog and installed it again and I´m fascinated how far it has come!
Everything you need and want to have at your blog is possible with this Plugin. No matter why a symbol for the benchmarks on iPhones or android phones, or the symbols of the menu points. Perfect Plugin.

Setup my site to work in mobile very elegantly, without much effort on my behalf.

It is hard to argue with so many positive reviews; WPtouch clearly delivers above and beyond what is expected of it in customer service and support, adaptability to Google updates and it’s overall ease and appearance of use. With review titles such as “mobile done right”, “bravo!” and “one of the best plugins ever”, it truly is a must.

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WPtouch mobile theme packages make creating a mobile optimized site that suites your brand and your lifestyle perfectly. Never stress about technical glitches, algorithm updates or formatting issues; let the WPtouch team of dedicated professionals and developers take care of the hard stuff while you focus on growing your empire. No other Mobile Site plugin even comes close.

Check out all of the unique features in detail, choose your package and download your Mobile plugin today!

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