January 23, 2017 — By The WPtouch Team

Meet the WPtouch Team

As we mentioned in our last post announcing our acquisition, there have been some exciting new changes recently with WPtouch! Not only have we made some changes with the management team, but there have also been a few new members joining the WPtouch product team. As such, we’d like to bring attention to the current WPtouch team and introduce a few new members.

The first two individuals to introduce are Emilio and Adam – these two are the guys many of you know and love, and have been supporting our customers and the product for quite some time.

Emilio Rivera


Emilio is a six year veteran of WPtouch, and has been the head of customer support for much of that time period. Emilio is dedicated to solving support issues and ensuring that WPtouch is working great on your websites.

Adam Di Pardo


Adam handles most incoming customer support/pre-sales inquiries from the website, and also provides customer support via our support portal. In addition, Adam is a skilled PHP and WordPress developer, and often helps craft fixes and new features for the product.

Zach Wills


Zach is a senior WordPress developer, and has extensive experience developing WordPress plugins and themes, including experience on the WordPress VIP platform. Zach came on board in late 2016, and is already heavily involved in future exciting additions to both the product and website.

Anne Barkett


Anne joined the WPtouch team in late 2016 as well, and has since been contributing her extensive design experience and aesthetic to some beautiful new mobile designs. You’ll undoubtedly start seeing some of her handiwork in future WPtouch releases as 2017 unfolds.

Brock Ferguson


Brock is an experienced developer, data scientist (Ph.D), and founder of other successful software products. He recently joined SureSwift Capital as VP of Technology, and will be contributing heavily to the future development and direction of WPtouch.

Going Forward

With all the new changes recently with WPtouch and the team, one thing that hasn’t changed is our dedication to a great product and a fantastic customer support experience. So rest assured you can continue to expect exciting product updates and timely, knowledgable product support going forward!

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