December 21, 2016 — By WPTouch Admin

WPtouch Pro 4.3.6 Released!

Our newest releases of WPtouch, version 4.3.6, and our free version, 4.3.9, are out! The releases solve a few bugs that our users reported, and makes WPtouch compatible with the newly-released WordPress 4.7. In addition, the latest releases address a compatibility issue with Wordfence.

For Pro users, we’ve also released updates to our Bauhaus theme, and the Power Pack and Multi-Ads extensions.

Specifics on each update is below:

WPtouch Core

* WPtouch is now compatible with WordPress 4.7!
* We resolved a bug that was causing an error message to display for users of WPtouch and the latest version of Wordfence. The message was a false-positive, and our update fixes it.

Bauhaus (including free)

* We fixed a small bug that could cause sticky posts to display when they shouldn’t.

Power Pack

* We fixed a bug that left some HTML code behind for users who had enabled JavaScript minification. The left behind code did not cause any functionality issues, but removing it keeps the code of your website clean.


* We improved how the extension displays the mid-content ad, specifically fixing a bug where it would sometimes not render in posts that had embedded tweets.

November 28, 2016 — By WPTouch Admin

Job Opening: WordPress/WPtouch Developer

We’re looking to add an enthusiastic WordPress developer to join the WPtouch team to help work on WPtouch, this website, and various other bits of pieces of code within the WPtouch world.

In addition to PHP, JS, and CSS skills, we’re looking for someone who regularly participates in the WordPress community, can work effectively remotely, loves squishing bugs in their spare time, and someone who is already familiar with (and hopefully loves!) WPtouch.

If you’re interested in joining the team, please review the full job posting and send us your resume along with an email cover letter telling us why you’re the best person for the position. Please also include some PHP theme and/or plugin code samples so we can get a sense for how you code.

November 28, 2016 — By WPTouch Admin

WPtouch Pro 4.3.5 Released!

Last week we released updates for our core WPtouch Pro plugin, as well as our Bauhaus theme. This was a compatiblity release, and along with a minor bug fix, we added much better support for plugins that interact with the WordPress comment form! These changes were also bundled up and released in WPtouch free.

You may notice a small cosmetic change to the layout of the comment form, but the significant change was under the hood. With this change, other plugins that want to interact with the form now can.

You can, for example, now use JetPack’s Comments module to simplify the form, and allow users to identify themselves using a social media account.

We hope that this update will allow you to take better advantage of the many WordPress plugins out there, and spark more discussion on your blog!

A changelog for this release is below.

WPtouch Core

* We resolved a bug that could output a PHP warning message for some users. The warning appeared in the mobile theme’s menu, and the bug that triggered it is now fixed.
* We made a couple of small changes to support Bauhaus’ new comment form.


* We replaced our old comment form with the newer, better supported WordPress form.

November 10, 2016 — By WPTouch Admin

WPtouch Pro 4.3.4 Released!

Today we released new updates for both the free and pro versions of WPtouch, and a few of our themes and extensions! These are minor updates, but they incorporate feedback that we’ve received from customers and users to make WPtouch better and more stable. For a list of changes included in this update, read on.

WPtouch Core

* We resolved a small conflict for users between Yoast SEO and WPtouch. The issue affected the page titles for the homepages of customers who were using a mobile homepage that was different than their desktop site’s homepage.

Bauhaus (including free)

* We resolved an issue where for some customers the featured slider would display, even if no posts had a featured image set.

* We resolved a bug that hid blog posts for some users who had a specific configuration.


* We re-added the Back button for websites running in Web-App Mode.


* We added a new field to allow users to insert custom HTML, CSS, and JavaScript into the <head> section of their website. This improves compatibility with some ad providers that require code in the header. Checkout the “Customer header HTML” field at the bottom of Multi-Ads’ settings!

Web-App Mode

* We updated our prompt bubble so that it will no longer appear for Android users who are viewing the site from within the web-app.

Power Pack

* We fixed a bug that prevented the CSS and JavaScript minification from working correctly on some servers.

October 24, 2016 — By WPTouch Admin

Google’s Mobile First Index & WPtouch

Recently Google announced it will be switching from a desktop-first to a mobile first search index, this means that Google will be indexing the mobile versions of pages and not the desktop as its primary index.

Where WPtouch fits in

WPtouch webpages are comprised of the same content as your desktop theme, and thus will be picked up appropriately by Google. Only sites which use some other mobile site, or a separate domain (like an m.* domain) might need to make some changes.

Most responsive themes should be ok, but you should always check your website against Google’s Mobile Friendly tool to make sure.

Google has included WPtouch previously on its short-list of solutions for WordPress websites when it comes to mobile. WPtouch sites are mobile-first, mobile friendly and mobile designed themes.

Is Google making the right decision?

Mobile search share continues to grow. It has been over 50% for years now, and shows no sign of letting up. It’s likely the right time to switch and let mobile lead in terms of search and content on the web. We continue to believe that WPtouch remains the top solution for a no-compromises approach to mobile development and WordPress, allowing site authors to keep the best of both worlds— a great desktop presence, plus a smart mobile solution.

What do I have to do?

Nothing! If you’re using WPtouch, all is right in the world. When Google makes the switch we expect WPtouch-powered websites will continue to top mobile search listings around the web.

So what happens for desktop search?

While it’s true that desktop users will see different results it’s likely a good thing, as results will become more accurate for desktop users.

From Mashable:

While some have interpreted this to mean that Google is “downgrading” desktop in some way, there are practical reasons why Google would want to prioritize mobile for updates. For one, mobile now accounts for the majority of all Google searches, so using an index that was created primarily for desktop no longer makes sense.

As with everything we do on the web, context matters. We often search differently on mobile than desktop, so having the two behave differently (from an algorithmic perspective) seems like the right approach to us.

When is it happening?

It looks like the new mobile-first search index will be rolling out before the new year, so it won’t take too long to see what happens.

September 23, 2016 — By WPTouch Admin

WPtouch Pro Theme Update: Bauhaus 2.0!

Today we released a major update to our flagship and most popular theme, Bauhaus. In 2.0, you can now choose between different layouts, starting with our new carousel view.

Carousel View

3In Carousel View you can show an infinite horizontal carousel which loads your posts chronologically, allowing visitors quick access to your entire post content history in a single page view.

You can also choose to show Featured Posts, and Popular Posts carousels as well.

Visitors have dozens and dozens of posts available at their fingertips instantly with Bauhaus 2.

6Full-Bleed Carousel

Want your beautiful featured images to be showcased in full-bleed? No problem. Bauhaus 2 allows you to showcase your posts in an infinite loading horizontal carousel view, filling the display of your visitor’s mobile device. The smooth, kinetic carousel lets your visitors browse your content in an immersive, engaging and unique way.

1List View

Bauhaus 2 also still supports its standard list view, which showcases your posts vertically, with an optional featured posts carousel above— which has been updated both under the hood to be more performant and with a refreshed look and feel.

List view is perfect if you don’t use featured images, or have a mix of content types.

Smart Loading

Across the board in all layouts we’ve enhanced lazy loading of both posts and images, making significant speed and performance improvements.


Available Today

Bauhaus 2.0 is a free update for all existing customers, and included with every bundle of WPtouch Pro.

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