May 29, 2014 — By WPTouch Admin

WPtouch Updates: Free goes international, better custom post types, and more!

If you’re running WPtouch on your website, you’ll find something fresh in your admin panel today. Here’s what we’ve been working on for the version 3.3.2 WPtouch update:

Language selection

We are very proud that WPtouch is available in numerous languages – both the administration tools and front-end interface are internationalized. Although we’ve been teasing the availability of the internationalized version to free users, this week’s update brings the multilingual experience to all users of WPtouch.

Custom post types

Custom post type display has been in WPtouch since version 2.5. Although there have been several updates to the feature since then, displaying post types registered in the desktop theme proved challenging. This week’s update to WPtouch completes an overhaul of custom post type support in WPtouch with completely rewritten handling on the admin and display side. Regardless of how and where your post types are registered, they’ll be available for selection and display to your mobile visitors – and you won’t even have to load the desktop theme’s functions.php to make it happen!

Everything else


To make activating sites a little easier, we now display the email address associated with your license alongside your license key.


Forms created with Contact Form 7 are now more usable and better rendered on mobile devices.

When enabled, related posts are now displayed before the next/previous links.

It is now easier to see what features will be available when upgrading from free to pro.

Fixed: Titles sometimes included HTML entities in shared Twitter content.

Fixed: When clicking comment links in Web App Mode (iOS), some visitors reported being kicked into Safari.

Fixed: Open’s display of hours was unclear on early Android devices.

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