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Our “Tips Central” blog series spotlights WPtouch Pro-powered sites built and maintained by designers, developers and site owners like you. Read about other designers, developers, and site owners’ experiences with WPtouch Pro and get ideas for your own projects. Our experts also provide their recommendations for additional site enhancements using WPtouch Pro.

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Site Owner: John Dickinson
License Type: Single
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How long have you been using WPtouch Pro?
Two weeks. I was using the free version of WPtouch for about a year but noticed that WPtouch Pro included a theme for the iPad as well as additional features for customizing the look of the site.

Why did you choose WPtouch Pro to power your mobile site?
The number one reason is ease of use. To get a mobile site all I needed to do was install the plug-in and activate it! WPtouch Pro did the rest.

What do you like most about using WPtouch Pro?
I like that I didn’t have to know any kind of coding to get it up and running and that making general modifications is easy.

What improvements would you like to see included in future WPtouch Pro updates?
Themes. Themes. Themes. Also some way of adding advertising banners easily and also adding customised headers more easily.

NOTE FROM SUPPORT: Advertising can be easily included through the options located at General > Advertising & Stats.
Support Documentation: Enabling Advertising in WPtouch Pro


Note: Links to support documentation are available exclusively to current WPtouch Pro customers who are logged into

1. Add custom links to menu.
The Twitter, Facebook, RSS buttons in the menu of the desktop theme can be added to the mobile theme either by using the options located at Menu + Icons > Custom Menu or by activating a custom WordPress menu. Either choice will allow the site’s social media urls to be available site-wide in a prominent location.
Support Documentation: Using a custom WordPress menu


Adding custom links and icons

2. Add startup screens it iOS Web-App Mode.
While iOS Web-App Mode is active on, it can be further setup to include startup screens for iPhon and iPad. Startup screens provide an opportunity to include branding or a message to visitors while iOS Web-App Mode loads.
Support Documentation: iOS Web-App Mode


Web-App Mode startup screens

3. Enable SHOP content.
Currently, the ecommerce content found in the “Shop” is incomplete in the mobile theme. This may be because the desktop theme uses custom post types, custom page templates, or a combination of these. Both can be enabled in WPtouch Pro to allow the store to function on mobile devices. We recommend taking advantage of the support bundled into every WPtouch Pro license to complete this setup.
Support Documentation: Enabling Custom Post Type Support and/or Creating a Custom Page Template


Custom post type support

4. Enable category page templates.
The desktop theme also appears to use custom page templates for category display (as evidenced on this page: By including this page template as instructed above, all content available via the desktop theme will also be fully available in the mobile theme.
Support Documentation: See WPtouch Pro Tip #3


Custom page template support

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