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Our “Tips Central” blog series spotlights WPtouch Pro-powered sites built and maintained by designers, developers and site owners like you. Read about other designers, developers, and site owners’ experiences with WPtouch Pro and get ideas for your own projects. Our experts also provide their recommendations for additional site enhancements using WPtouch Pro.

Site URL:
Site Owner: Joe Debono
License Type: Single
Joe Debono on Twitter: @joedebono


How long have you been using WPtouch Pro?
I’ve been using WPtouch Pro for just a little over a year, since October 2011.

Why did you choose WPtouch Pro to power your mobile site?
I chose WPtouch Pro because these days, a mobile-friendly site is absolutely essential. Catering exclusively to mobile users has its restrictions so creating a full site for desktops as well covers all bases. I considered running two completely independent sites but this meant double the work. With a little research, I quickly found WPtouch Pro. It had all the features I wanted and ridiculously easy installation and configuration processes as well. I was up and running in well under an hour.

What do you like most about using WPtouch Pro?
What I like best about WPtouch Pro is that I can go about updating the desktop version of the site as I always have knowing that WPtouch Pro is doing its thing quietly in the background for my mobile visitors.

What improvements would you like to see included in future WPtouch Pro updates?
WPtouch Pro has come a long way in the short time I’ve been on board. Any issues I’ve had have been resolved quickly. I would like an easier way to modify some of the elements. For example, the “read more” chevron is a little pale and many visitors don’t see it (They click on the thumbnail in list view and wonder why nothing happens). I replaced it with a more prominent version but this mod gets lost after an update of course.

SUPPORT NOTE: We recommend that styling customizations be made by adding custom CSS to a WPtouch Pro child theme. These additions will survive future updates to the plugin’s core code.
Support Documentation: Applying Custom CSS


Note: Links to support documentation are available exclusively to current WPtouch Pro customers who are logged into

1. Add a title to the home screen icon.
This is a small improvement that many, many users will see so why not add the site’s name to iOS Web-App Mode to make that home screen icon even more custom? The option to customize the home screen icon title is under Active Theme > iOS Web-App Mode > General Options.
Support Documentation: iOS Web-App Mode


Custom Web-App Mode Title

2. Add startup screens to iOS Web-App Mode.
To complement other iOS Web-App Mode customizations, startup screens can be added. Options are offered to add startup screens for the full variety of iOS device screen sizes. Startup screens are a great way to add another visual component to your mobile site experience.
Support Documentation: iOS Web-App Mode


Web-App loading screen options

3. Fix broken mobile menu by resolving plugin conflicts.
Currently the WPtouch Pro menu is broken on This is likely the result of a plugin conflict where conflicting scripts are causing all the WPtouch Pro menu tabs to be displayed inline simultaneously (we’re seeing a .js error attributed to “Dave’s WordPress Live Search Plugin”). Conflicting plugins can be disabled through WPtouch Pro’s Compatibility options or manually. BraveNewCode provides support and documentation to guide customers in removing plugin hooks manually.
Support Documentation: Removing Conflicting Plugin Hooks


Plugin Compatibility Options

4. Add the desktop site’s background image to the mobile theme.
The desktop theme uses a cloud image as a site background. To add that background to the mobile theme, include the image’s url under Active Theme > Style/Appearance > Background.


Custom background image support

Bonus Tip: Add the desktop theme’s home page custom background slideshow.
Though not possible with every desktop theme, WPtouch Pro customers have customized their WPtouch Pro mobile theme to include full-screen background slideshows. This is an advanced customization requiring the addition of the non-mobile theme’s slideshow functions and styling to the WPtouch Pro child theme. Support for this level of customization is reserved for Developer License holders.

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