July 5, 2013 — By WPTouch Admin

WPtouch Pro 3.0.5 Now Available!

Friday releases are always fun! This update includes a variety of smaller fixes and changes based on customer feedback over the last few weeks. More updates and changes are coming next week as well with 3.0.6, but for now here’s the change log for 3.0.5:


WPtouch Pro 3.0.5

  • Added: Support for new WordTwit free version in Classic Redux
  • Added: New AJAX setting for desktop switch link
  • Fixed: Issues with WordTwit Pro & Classic Redux theme
  • Fixed: Issue with click-to-call links
  • Fixed: Removed space from “Search” text in Classic theme
  • Fixed: Custom menu items can now be opened in a new window
  • Fixed: Issue with insecure content on https content pages
  • Fixed: Pinterest link in social links
  • Fixed: Issue with WPtouch nextpage functionality affecting desktop themes
  • Fixed: RTL text display in featured slider titles
  • Fixed: Issue with security nonce failure for desktop switch link
  • Fixed: Issue with Manage WP update mechanism
  • Fixed: Problem with object caching and WPtouch Pro due to autoload in settings
  • Fixed: Issue with duplicate content in <title> tag when using WordPress SEO
  • Fixed: Issues with search post and page results
  • Changed: Small fix for date display in blog
  • Changed: Prevented copied and child themes from being deleted if they’re active
  • Changed: Better tablet support & detection for Classic theme (now catches more Android tablets and Windows 10 touch tablets)

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