December 21, 2016 — By WPTouch Admin

WPtouch Pro 4.3.6 Released!

Our newest releases of WPtouch, version 4.3.6, and our free version, 4.3.9, are out! The releases solve a few bugs that our users reported, and makes WPtouch compatible with the newly-released WordPress 4.7. In addition, the latest releases address a compatibility issue with Wordfence.

For Pro users, we’ve also released updates to our Bauhaus theme, and the Power Pack and Multi-Ads extensions.

Specifics on each update is below:

WPtouch Core

* WPtouch is now compatible with WordPress 4.7!
* We resolved a bug that was causing an error message to display for users of WPtouch and the latest version of Wordfence. The message was a false-positive, and our update fixes it.

Bauhaus (including free)

* We fixed a small bug that could cause sticky posts to display when they shouldn’t.

Power Pack

* We fixed a bug that left some HTML code behind for users who had enabled JavaScript minification. The left behind code did not cause any functionality issues, but removing it keeps the code of your website clean.


* We improved how the extension displays the mid-content ad, specifically fixing a bug where it would sometimes not render in posts that had embedded tweets.

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