August 3, 2016 — By WPTouch Admin

WPtouch 4.2 Released! (Caring for the Chrome Release)

Happy summer everyone! Here at BraveNewCode headquarters we’ve been working hard to polish and improve WPtouch, for free users and Pro customers alike. We’ve just released WPtouch 4.2, which has a number of tweaks, fixes and improvements inside.

You’re Free to Customize

In WPtouch 4.2 free, we’ve added support for the WordPress Customizer. You can now edit and adjust Bauhaus in real-time, live in the WordPress Customizer. We hope free users will see how easy it is to setup a mobile theme with WPtouch Pro.

Chrome-y Goodness

Our developer and support guru Adam Di Pardo just added some nifty support for setting the Android Chrome toolbar color.

You can see it in action if the GIF here. WPtouch automatically sets the Chrome toolbar color to match your WPtouch theme’s header. It’s just another way to add beauty to your WPtouch-powered WordPress website, and happens automatically so there’s nothing to set— or forget!

iOS Frostedly-Delicious!

In another move to add more polish and beauty to our themes, we now support backdrop frosting behind the header in Web App Mode. This is most prominent in Bauhaus.

You can see the difference in the GIF: previously the header was only semi-opaque, but now it fully blurs and saturates the content passing underneath it, for a native look and feel on iOS 7 and above.


4.2 also includes a variety of tweaks and fixes, and fully supports WordPress 4.6 as well.

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