November 12, 2013 — By WPTouch Admin

Why WordPress Makes Mobile Easy

WordPress is hands-down the best publishing platform on the web for making mobile WordPress websites. I wanted to share some insights I’ve learned after working the past 7 years on WPtouch, our popular WordPress plugin for making WordPress sites mobile.

Visitors Want Mobile Content, and It’s Easy To Provide It For Them

In The Age of Apps you might think you need an app for your WordPress website to satisfy visitors. While it’s true that the majority of smartphone users tend to use applications over mobile web, they’re most dominantly using apps for social networks like Facebook and Twitter— which in turn are filled with links to web content just like yours. And when users open those links inside mobile apps, its clear in recent studies that they prefer mobile-formated content that loads quickly and is easy to navigate.

I’ve come to love how WordPress really makes adapting to the mobile revolution as simple as installing themes or plugins. Making sure your WordPress website is mobile-ready usually costs less than $100/year to ensure a high-quality mobile experience. Options range from free WordPress themes which are ‘responsive’ to WordPress plugins which serve websites that are larger or changing and growing like our WPtouch Pro. Generally, plugins offer more control and fine-tuning for a mobile version of your website than most out-of-the-box responsive themes. Some of the better responsive themes I’ve seen are paid themes, and offer more quality. No matter which you choose though, the fact that you have a wide variety of options shows both the popularity of WordPress as a publishing platform and its flexibility in delivering mobile web content.

WordPress mobile

You can Publish Easily From Mobile

WordPress offers native mobile apps for iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and others to publish on the go from your smartphone or tablet. These apps are polished and a joy to use, and the teams behind their development work tirelessly to resolve bugs and deliver quality. Personally I don’t publish often via these apps, but frequently use them for editing posts and pages or approving comments— all of which you can do easily and simply without having to pop on the web and login to your WordPress website.

In the past 7 years I’ve witnessed the mobile revolution and watched the web embrace both designing and creating content from mobile devices— no other publishing platform out there offer so many powerful, polished and awesome tools for mobile than WordPress!

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