WPtouch Themes.

Mobile WordPress themes, designed from the ground up to work with all kinds of websites and content.

Polished mobile themes that work seamlessly with WordPress.

  • Modern WordPress Features
    Custom post types, custom menus, feature images and more- WPtouch was made for WordPress.
  • Easy Media Handling
    WPtouch natively handles audio, video & pictures, resizing them automatically.
  • Made for Retina Screens
    Built entirely with just CSS & icon fonts, theme interfaces are crisp & gorgeous on high DPI displays.
  • Flexible Designs
    Change colors, fonts & set logos easily. Customization options let you take full control.

Themes for writing, selling, sharing, blogging or business-ing.

Each WPtouch theme is flexible, easily branded and customized.

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    Classic Redux
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Summit is our most flexible and modern theme, using rich graphics and a clean,
angular design.

Summit is highly customizable, featuring advanced color selection and theming capabilities. It is designed for a wide variety of sites, and can be used for for blogs, virtual, or brick and mortar organizations.

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Bauhaus is one of our more flexible themes, and is designed to easily take on the look and feel of your branding.

Setting the logo, color and type to match your desktop theme is easy. Lightweight and retina-ready, Bauhaus features flat design and a clean interface, along with intuitive navigation for visitors.

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Simple is one of our most flexible themes, and can be used for small businesses, blogs, page-driven sites, schools, and more. Its unique drop down menu is playful— while its structure and navigation is clear and uncluttered.

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Prose was beautifully designed to showcase content— if you’re a writer, or the focus of your website is sharing great content, Prose was designed to make it shine it on mobile.

Prose features unique article time remaining functionality, and unique sharing options when readers finish your articles.

A simple off-canvas menu also allows visitors to change text reading size, view collections or categories of content, and more.

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Open was designed for small business, especially brick-and-mortar stores.

Open offers native support for operating hours, click-to-call and locations. Easily use its flexible content display to advertise menus, sales, offers, or whatever else your business provides your customers.

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Classic Redux.

Classic has been re-designed and re-engineered for the modern mobile web. Structured content layouts and powerful header navigation make Classic one of our most popular themes.

Customize Classic with your own colors and type, and personalize its iconic mobile web design. Flexible options and support for nearly all of WPtouch’s features, Classic is truly timeless.

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CMS is a great choice if you have lots of content— posts, pages, categories, custom taxonomies and /or post-types— CMS can handle it. Designed for easy navigation through content, CMS supports all of WPtouch Pro’s major features.

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MobileStore is the most advanced mobile theme for WooCommerce, ever. Designed for mobile, with no compromises.

Off-canvas menu and cart support, coupled with multi-touch product pages and one-page checkout— easily make MobileStore the best way to sell via mobile online.

With a focus on speed and conversion, MobileStore is designed for you to maximize your mobile sales and offer visitors a happy browsing experience.

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Edit Live.

WPtouch Pro 4 themes support visual, real-time editing in the WordPress Customizer.

  • Live Preview

    Tinker, adjust and preview your changes in real-time.

  • Discover Control

    Well-organized settings allow you to discover all of your theme's capabilities easily.

  • Device & Orientation

    Easily switch between portrait and landscape views, and in tablet-supporting themes, see how themes responsively adapt.

  • Extensions

    Extensions like Advanced Type and Related Posts add Customizer settings enhancing your control.

WPtouch Theme Features

All themes include deep WordPress integration, and support for all WPtouch extensions.

  • WordPress Features
  • Product Features

Custom Menus

WPtouch supports using custom WordPress menus, and adds the ability to associate icons with menu items.


Custom Post Types

You can activate custom posts types to be shown within WPtouch.



WPtouch can attempt to locate shortcodes used in your desktop theme and display them.


Mobile Templates

Want to use a special template for a page in WordPress? Just like desktop themes, you can apply a mobile template.


Posts & Pages

WPtouch displays posts and page content automatically with zero configuration.



Categories, tags, custom taxonomy— WPtouch themes can display it all.



Enjoy regular product, theme and extension updates within WordPress, and the plugin itself.



Most themes support all native discussion features.


WPtouch Extensions

Get more out of themes by adding extensions to your license. Extensions enhance themes in specific ways.


Child Themes

Want to customize a theme? Easily create a child theme and start modifying style & template code.



WPtouch can redirect users to a difference front page and posts page if you wish.


Include / Exclude

Choose to include or exclude WPtouch from showing on URLs on your website.


Browsers & Devices Control

Enable or disable mobile browsers and devices by type easily.


Theme Switching

All themes offer the ability for visitors to switch between your mobile and desktop theme.


Disable Other Plugins

Speed up load times by unloading non-essential 3rd party plugins on mobile.


Video & Image Handling

WPtouch automatically handles the mobile-sized display of video and photos on your website.

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