December 3, 2012 — By WPTouch Admin

Responsive Design Versus Server-side Mobile Solutions [Infographic]

If the average mobile user is only willing to wait a maximum of four seconds for content to load on their devices, it makes no sense to use an approach that may slow down your site’s loading time.

Yet some are choosing to use responsive design for their websites – a method by which both desktop computers and mobile devices always download an entire web page, along with its added code.

The statistics in our new infographic show why we believe the better choice for many high-traffic, large-volume sites is a fast and flexible server-side solution.

Copy the code below to embed this infographic into your web page:

<a href=""><img src="" title="Infographics: Responsive Design vs. Server-Side Solutions" alt="Infographics: Responsive Design vs. Server-Side Solutions" /></a>

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