January 27, 2013 — By WPTouch Admin

Piggy Pro 1.4 Released!

Today we released Piggy Pro 1.4, which includes bug fixes and improvements. Below is the changelog for the release:

  • Added: Support for additional currencies (Pound, Yen, Yuan, Won)
  • Updated: Faster loading
  • Updated: jQuery CDN link
  • Updated: add2home script to 2.0.5 (w/iPhone 5 support)
  • Updated: Optimized PNGs
  • Changed: Removed iScroll script dependency, now using default iOS scrolling instead
  • Fixed: Issue with shop_order reference
  • Fixed: Various warning messages with debug enabled in WordPress
  • Fixed: Issues with tooltip locations

Piggy Pro 1.4 is a recommended update for all customers.

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