November 27, 2012 — By WPTouch Admin

New Release: Update now to WPtouch Pro 2.8.1!

We’re pleased to announce our latest release, WPtouch Pro 2.8.1! Included in the release are changes that address iOS 6 and iPhone 5 rendering issues. WP Super Cache users will also appreciate our improved support.

See the changelog below for a complete list of updates and fixes.


  • Added: Better support for WP Super Cache
  • Added: IE Mobile 9 user agent
  • Added: Accessibility roles to UI elements in Classic theme
  • Changed: Web-App title input now maxes out at 14 characters (respects iOS 6 title limitation)
  • Changed: Optimized admin and theme JavaScript for better performance
  • Fixed: Bug related to iPhone 5 startup image not displaying in some situations
  • Fixed: Bug with menu height on iPhone 5 in Web-App Mode
  • Fixed: Issue with videos not resizing when loaded via Ajax
  • Fixed: Bug where the Classic theme minified JS files would not be loaded
  • Updated: add2home script to v2.0.4

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