February 24, 2015 — By WPTouch Admin

MobileStore: now with WooCommerce 2.3 support

If you run an eCommerce website, you know it’s important to keep your software up to date. Today we released an update to our incredible MobileStore mobile theme for WooCommerce which integrates full support for the recent WooCommerce 2.3 update.

Once you’ve upgraded to MobileStore 1.0.9 you’ll also find a new feature for your store: a carousel of top-selling products right on your store homepage. It’s just a small taste of what’s coming soon when we roll out MobileStore’s new tablet support in March.

Still running WooCommerce 2.2, don’t worry: we’ve made sure to keep MobileStore compatible with your store, too.

We’ve also released WPtouch Pro 3.7.1, which addresses a compatibility concern between WooCommerce and our new shortcode support method.

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