June 12, 2013 — By WPTouch Admin

WPtouch Pro 3 – Our Favourite Least Known Features

There’s lots of great features in the new WPtouch Pro 3— we’ve picked out a few here that many people might not be aware of) that we love ;)

Support for multiple WordPress menus

Two of the all-new themes in WPtouch Pro 3 include support for multiple custom WordPress menus.

In the “CMS” theme, you can assign two different menus. These will appear in the header area of all posts and pages using your mobile theme. The title of the second menu may be customized in the WPtouch Pro admin panel.


Multiple Menu support in CMS theme

In the “Simple” theme, one of your custom WordPress menus may be assigned as the “Front Page Menu”. This menu will appear as the main content of the mobile theme’s homepage. The Front Page Menu is best used as a short list of tasks that users can accomplish quickly, such as accessing your business’ location map, phone number, or hours or operation.


Simple theme’s Front page menu

A second menu can be assigned in the “Simple” theme as the “Pulldown Menu”. This menu will appear in the header area of the mobile theme. It supports custom icons and hierarchical menus.

Smart-App Banner Support

WPtouch Pro 3 allows you to display an add for a native iOS application in the header of all WPtouch Pro themes. You can advertise your own native application or use the area to advertise a client’s app or even one of your favorite iOS applications.


Smart App banner support

WordPress Plugin Compatibility

WPtouch Pro 3 includes a unique feature that allows you to disable plugins from your mobile theme. This means you can disable plugins in WPtouch Pro without affecting their functionality in your desktop theme.

Content-Specific Featured Image Slider

WPtouch Pro 3 offers a featured-image slider that may be set to highlight a mobile-specific set of content. This slider is independent of any that may be present in your desktop theme or active via a plugin. You may choose a variety of attributes for your mobile slider including choosing to display content only from a selected category or content that uses specific post or page IDs.

Previewing the Mobile Theme

When developing a website, it it helpful to view your mobile theme as you work. WPtouch Pro 3 offers ways to preview your mobile theme from your desktop browser when using Safari or Chrome. The “Preview Theme” tool at the bottom of the WPtouch Pro admin panel opens a smartphone-sized window in your desktop browser that allows you to preview how your mobile theme will look on a mobile device.


Previewing the WPtouch Pro theme


So there you have it! There’s even more great features in the new WPtouch Pro 3— learn more about it and see why WPtouch Pro 3 is the most popular go-mobile solution for WordPress!

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