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Developing A Mobile WordPress Website With WPtouch Pro

When we first set out to build the professional version of WPtouch, we decided at the very beginning that it really needed to be a development framework instead of just a simple mobile theme. With that mindset in place, we built WPtouch Pro from the ground up and then used the development framework to construct the included set of mobile WordPress themes: Simple, CMS and Classic Redux. While these themes use many WordPress template tags, they mostly leverage the built in framework features and modules within the WPtouch Pro mobile plugin.

If you’re looking to start developing a mobile WordPress website, using WPtouch Pro will save you time, effort and money by allowing you to leverage many of the complex features included in the WPtouch Pro framework.

One Parent Theme To Rule Them All

At the heart of the WPtouch Pro mobile development framework is Foundation, the parent theme for Simple, CMS and Classic Redux. While it is entirely possible to build a mobile theme using WPtouch Pro without leveraging Foundation, basing a mobile website theme off of Foundation has many distinct advantages that greatly simplifies the development of a WPtouch Pro theme.

Included in the Foundation theme are a series of pluggable modules that child themes can leverage. These modules control the look and usability of whatever menus your theme needs (you can define more than one), sharing icons for popular social networks, advertising options for a theme, mobile-optimized featured content sliders, infinite scrolling, and even web-fonts to set your website apart from the others. Including any of these features involves the addition of a single line of code to your theme. When using Foundation developers can add complex functionality to their mobile WordPress websites in just a few minutes.

Developer Documentation

All WPtouch Pro Developer/Agency and WPtouch Pro Enterprise licenses come with development support via our Support Centre, included priority support tickets, and access to the WPtouch Pro developer documentation. The development documentation details the architecture of WPtouch Pro, the process involved with building a mobile WordPress theme, and how to utilize all the modules contained within Foundation.

For those interested in learning more about the content of the Developer Guide, you can download a preview of the WPtouch Pro developer guide.

Professional Support

Our support team has been assisting WPtouch Pro users and developers for over three years now, and we consistently receive accolades via Twitter and E-Mail regarding the level of support they provide. Emilio and Diane work tirelessly to ensure that any and all issues our customers have are solved in a minimal amount of time and frustration via our private one-on-one ticket-based support system.

Our Developer/Agency and Enterprise customers can receive development support while customizing an existing theme or even building one from scratch using the WPtouch Pro framework. So whenever you hit a roadblock, we’ll be there to help get you going again.


WPtouch Pro Developer/Agency licenses are available now for $249 a year. For that low price you can receive support and automatic upgrades on up to 25 different WordPress websites during the year. You’ll also receive three lovingly crafted themes, each easily brand-able and catered to different classes of websites.

Here’s a recent e-mail we received from Adam who used WPtouch Pro to develop a mobile WordPress website.

Quick update. I wanted to let you know that my mobile site is almost ready and it wouldn’t have been possible without your team’s expertise. Emilio has been nothing short of amazing to work with. It has hands down been the best experience I have ever had when working on any type of website development…period.

I just told Emilio that I will be letter every website owner we know that they should be working with you guys when we go to conferences.

Very Best,

WPtouch Pro has over four years of theme and code refinements in it, as well as thousands of hours of development representing the state of the art for mobile WordPress websites. You’ll not only receive all the benefits of the WPtouch Pro mobile development framework with your license, but also access to our comprehensive developer documentation and top-notch support from Emilio and Diane.

So save yourself some time, aggravation and frustration by leveraging WPtouch Pro when you start your next mobile WordPress website development – you’ll be happy you did.

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