May 17, 2013 — By WPTouch Admin

What’s New in WPtouch Pro 3.0: Admin Panel Updates

WPtouch Pro 3.0: Admin Panel Philosophy

We have always believed that it should be easy and fun to use our admin settings pages. In WPtouch Pro 3 we’ve redesigned them to be even easier to use and extremely lightweight— along with taking strides to better incorporate core WordPress admin philosophies and best practices.

Intuitive Settings Panel

We examined the behaviour of our users in the way they use our settings; the way they read what the settings mean; as well as the way that they move through steps and what they expect to see and do.

This has been very helpful for us in determining what works and what doesn’t. Adding a settings panel may seem like something that’s not very complicated to implement— but it truly is. Too often plugins and themes for WordPress suffer from lacklustre settings panels that are cluttered, hard to understand, and poorly coded.

We place great importance on the way we build settings in WPtouch Pro. The attention and detail we give it is equal to the attention and detail we give to our themes.

Ultimately, when you buy WPtouch Pro as a customer the product you use is the settings panel; while your visitors enjoy the mobile version you’ve created.

Lightweight & Speedy


WPtouch Pro 3: Easy Branding Setup

We’ve also significantly optimized memory, file sizes and load times in WPtouch Pro 3. These improvements can be felt in both the settings panel and themes. The result? An incredibly fast admin panel experience that rivals the fastest load times that WordPress itself can muster!

Give WPtouch Pro 3.0 a try and find out how simple it can be to create and customize the very best WordPress mobile experiences for your site visitors, customers or clients.


WPtouch Pro 3: Easy Menu Setup

Want to learn more about WPtouch Pro 3.0? Visit our product page or contact us through our online form.

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