March 23, 2015 — By WPTouch Admin

WPtouch Pro 3.7.5: Mobile-friendly websites made even easier

With Google’s April 21st deadline looming, we want to make sure that WPtouch offers the easiest possible way to get your WordPress website mobile friendly.

Since WPtouch 3 was released, the plugin has undergone many changes with ever more features and functionality added. Although most features have been immediately visible in the WPtouch admin pages, we have kept some (less frequently used) options hidden unless the WPtouch admin mode was switched to ‘Advanced’.

In today’s releases for both the free and Pro versions we have eliminated the Advanced admin mode. Those features and settings are now immediately accessible in the WPtouch admin. We have also simplified settings, substituting automatic behaviour for some options that are no longer useful, are replaced by better solutions within the plugin, or encourage poor practices.

Of course the 3.7.5 releases also include a number of other improvements, including better compatibility with page builder and social icon plugins, bug fixes, and theme tweaks.

Whether you’re looking to get your website ready for Google’s mobile search changes next month or have been a long-term user of WPtouch, we’re confident you’ll love the improvements we’ve made in WPtouch 3.7.5.

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