December 18, 2014 — By WPTouch Admin

Auto-updating Themes & Extensions in WPtouch Pro 3.6.3



Just in time for Christmas we’ve released a pair of updates to WPtouch and WPtouch Pro. This month our focus has been on making life with WPtouch Pro easier.

Auto-updating themes & extensions

Forget about checking for theme & extension updates – whenever you update WPtouch Pro 3, the plugin will check for available updates and automatically install them for you. If you’ve made changes to one of WPtouch Pro’s official themes, we’ll copy the theme and install a fresh copy of the original for you to copy across any improvements you may wish to apply.

In-plugin license upgrades

You can now purchase a license upgrade from inside the WPtouch Pro plugin to get instant access to features of advanced licenses. If your license is active on more than one site, the upgrade will roll out to the rest of your sites within 20 minutes of your upgrade.

Other updates

  • Added: A little festive spirit with a Christmassy version of our logo!
  • Changed: We slimmed down the plugin package by moving screenshots out of the zip file and into the WordPress repository.
  • Changed: MobileStore looks up the visitor’s location to pre-fill some shipping information. Because this relies on url_fopen being enabled we check for that being enabled before performing a lookup.
  • Fixed: Updated WPtouch’s icon font with a new name to avoid conflicts with other plugins
  • Fixed: Pagination glitch in MobileStore search

If you haven’t tried WPtouch Pro yet, now is a great time to get started!

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