Beyond Responsive.

WPtouch has powerful features and capabilities that responsive desktop themes just can't match.

WPtouch notices mobile devices before sending anything– so it doesn't make you wait for what isn't needed.

Responsive themes often don't work nicely with many WordPress plugins– WPtouch is designed to meet changing website needs.

WPtouch Pro 4 Takes Mobile to a Whole New Level.

Watch our first look videos to see an overview of what's new in WPtouch Pro 4.

WordPress Customizer Support

The only WordPress mobile solution with full WordPress Customizer support.

All-New Setup Wizard

It's easier than ever to get setup and launch your mobile version with WPtouch Pro.

Redesigned Settings Panel

A beautiful admin panel with advanced settings + theme and extension management.

WPtouch is way faster.

WPtouch themes are up to 5x faster than desktop or responsive themes.

WPtouch Responsive Desktop
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Time in seconds to load a page
  • Only What's Needed
    WPtouch can send mobile-optimized pictures, scripts and CSS– instead of desktop ones. This speeds things up considerably.
  • CSS User Interface
    WPtouch is the only mobile solution with a pure CSS user interface design– making themes load fast and look great.

*Based on fair 3G and LTE conditions. Averages calculated from a random sampling of top 500 websites compared with WPtouch Pro customer websites.

Awesome outta-the-box.

Great features included in WPtouch that you won't find anywhere else.

  • 20 Languages
    WPtouch is available in 20 languages (both the themes and the admin panel).
  • SEO Advantage
    With the same URL and a speedy mobile site your search rankings will go up.
  • Custom Content
    Only WPtouch makes it easy to offer mobile visitors different content easily.
  • Theme Switching
    Visitors that prefer your desktop theme can switch easily from WPtouch.
  • Advertising
    WPtouch has built-in support to add advertising effortlessly.
  • Highly Compatible
    WPtouch works with many popular WordPress themes and plugins.
  • Customize Easily
    Take complete control over WPtouch themes and setup.
  • Get Real Help
    A dedicated & experienced support team is always ready to help you.

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