Optimizing WordPress For Mobile Usage is Easy with WPtouch

Optimizing WordPress For Mobile Usage is Easy with WPtouch

Man, I’m so happy. I searched high and low for this…” – WordPress blog 5 star review, Lord

Well done guys, this is fantastic. Installed and now my site looks perfect on mobile, not even a setting change required!” – WordPress blog 5 star review, Ozzy

Today is the day everyone is freaking out about how Google changed it’s code and everyone’s website will be messed up. I checked – we are fine. Why? This great plugin. I never have to worry about it. The website always looks like I expect it to look.” – WordPress blog 5 star review, Setati

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Today more than ever, it is important that your website be optimized for use on mobile devices. Mobile Internet usage is not only growing in use but is on track to surpass desktop usage as the most common way to browse the internet. With so many people leading active lives and cellular devices becoming increasingly more technologically advanced, it is only logical that your business also adapts to fit into those lifestyles. Optimizing WordPress for mobile usage could be the most important business decision you make this year.

This doesn’t have to be difficult, costly or even time consuming. WPtouch, mobile optimization for WordPress is simple, affordable and fast.

Download the WPtouch plugin for all your WordPress sites and see just how significant a difference it can make on your mobile site.

WPtouch founders and developers have over 30 years of combined experience in WordPress development; they’ve seen it all and can help make whatever vision you have in mind a reality. Over half a million active sites worldwide have been created with WPtouch WordPress mobile friendly optimizer plugin, you know you’re getting the expertise you need.

The Best WordPress Mobile Version of Your Site With WPtouch

Mobile optimized versions of your website are ultimately one of the most influential changes that you can make within your business.

If you are a WordPress veteran, you know that WordPress has its own built in mobile optimization capabilities, but these are far inferior to the WPtouch plugin features and extensions.

WPtouch WordPress mobile version features offer:

Same URL as your existing desktop webpage; by transforming content with the same URL as your regular theme, you get to maintain your URL domain name.
Keep your desktop theme looking the same as it did before you optimized the mobile version of your site.
Higher SEO rank; by optimizing your site’s mobile version, Google automatically tags your website as mobile friendly and your mobile search rankings will improve.
Customize the pages that appear on the mobile version of your site. Include/exclude certain pages and control things like your menus, pages and more.
Flexible theme packages; flexible themes that are designed with certain businesses in mind mean you are never compromising your brand to fit a theme. Themes designed specifically for small businesses, writers, e-commerce sites and more let you pick exactly which package fits your company’s brand the best. Never adapt to a brand, instead let WPtouch work with you.
Powerful, targeted settings. WPtouch settings are specifically designed to cater to mobile visitors needs, offering mobile visitors unique landing pages, site titles and more.
Dedicated customer support means no technological problem is too much for the WPtouch WordPress for mobile team. WPtouch proudly holds the spot as “the only WordPress mobile solution with full WordPress customizer support” and with 30+ years of combined WordPress development experience, it is easy to see why.

fast mobile website
Faster speed means sites load faster on a mobile device than ever before, often faster even than a desktop version of the same site.
Availability in 23 languages including French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese and many Asian dialects

WordPress Mobile Website Plugin for Better Businesses

Install the WPtouch WordPress mobile website plugin and see your business instantly improve. An increase in SEO ranking is one of the more surefire ways to see your business succeed, but how else can a mobile optimized website contribute to better business?

WPtouch grows with you, expanding to fit the needs of your evolving business. WPtouch packages start small and adjust accordingly as you take on more sites and require more from the program and the developers that are standing by to contribute to your success.

Start out purchasing the Basic Package with capability for just a single site and a limited number of themes and extensions. Eventually, should you need it, you can build your way up to the Enterprise Package, with capacity for over 50 sites, and all of the WordPress WPtouch themes and extensions. Prices start at just $69, affordable in any stage of business or personal use.

E-commerce and brick-and-mortar sites particularly benefit from WPtouch optimization, as those sites in particular rely heavily on mobile visitors and look particularly unprofessional when not optimized.

Similarly, writers need WP theme mobile friendly optimization because being able to not only read content on any device but quickly and easily share it is essential to a writer’s success. In the WPtouch Prose theme package, enjoy unique sharing options that give readers not only the option but the convenience to share your content, increasing the chance your article gains traction online and goes viral.

Have not the slightest idea why people are still making themes without mobile version included, however it happens. With that in mind, WPtouch Mobile Plugin to the rescue. Love all the different themes and options. You guys make my website look good and help up my PR in Google stats. Thank you.” – WordPress blog 5 Star review, Gregory

Choosing WPtouch will be the fastest and easiest way to boost your business’ success, without breaking the bank either! There is nothing to lose from downloading the WP WordPress for mobile devices plugin and putting it and it’s team to work for you immediately.

Stay ahead of technology’s trends by downloading the WPtouch plugin today!

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