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WPtouch 4.2 Released! (Caring for the Chrome Release)

Happy summer everyone! Here at BraveNewCode headquarters we’ve been working hard to polish and improve WPtouch, for free users and Pro customers alike. We’ve just released WPtouch 4.2, which has a number of tweaks, fixes and improvements inside. You’re Free to Customize In WPtouch 4.2 free, we’ve added support for the WordPress Customizer. You can

WPtouch Pro 4 — Available Now!

Get Ready for 4.0! We’re happy to announce that we’ve released WPtouch Pro 4, the next major version of WPtouch Pro, so here’s a guide on what’s new and how to upgrade. There are literally hundreds of changes inside WPtouch Pro 4— we’ve jokingly referred to it as our Snow Leopard release around the BraveNewCode

WPtouch 4: Customize your website for mobile devices like never before!

Full Customizer Support With WPtouch 4, we’ve redesigned our admin panel and added native support for the WordPress customizer. Unlike responsive themes, you can control exactly what your visitors will see when they visit your website on a mobile device. Setting up a WPtouch theme has never been easier: Play with colours, fonts, logos in

WPtouch Updates: Free goes international, better custom post types, and more!

If you’re running WPtouch on your website, you’ll find something fresh in your admin panel today. Here’s what we’ve been working on for the version 3.3.2 WPtouch update: Language selection We are very proud that WPtouch is available in numerous languages – both the administration tools and front-end interface are internationalized. Although we’ve been teasing the availability of the internationalized

WPtouch Mobile WordPress Themes In The Wild

We often get asked to see examples of what a mobile WordPress website looks like using one of the included mobile WordPress themes in WPtouch Pro. We wanted to share with you a few different sites that appear to be using WPtouch Pro and one of the included mobile themes. A few of these sites

Web App Mode in WPtouch Pro

WPtouch Pro offers a unique capability that both Responsive Design and competing mobile products for WordPress don’t— Web App Mode, a feature that allows customers to offer their WPtouch Pro-powered websites as a standalone web application that can be installed on all iOS devices- iPhones, iPod touches and iPads.   Sometimes we’re asked by customers and

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