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WPtouch Pro 3.1 Update: New Theme, Extensions

We’ve just released WPtouch Pro 3.1, a major update to our flagship WordPress mobile plug-in. 3.1 contains a variety of fixes, updates, and improvements, and also support for all-new themes & extensions. Previously WPtouch & WPtouch Pro were one-theme products. With the introduction of WPtouch Pro 3 in May we made it a three-theme product,

Why WordPress Makes Mobile Easy

WordPress is hands-down the best publishing platform on the web for making mobile WordPress websites. I wanted to share some insights I’ve learned after working the past 7 years on WPtouch, our popular WordPress plugin for making WordPress sites mobile. Visitors Want Mobile Content, and It’s Easy To Provide It For Them In The Age

Important Info for WordTwit & WordTwit Pro Users

Uh-Oh! Yesterday Twitter depreciated the 1.0 version of their API. As a result, both WordTwit and WordTwit Pro are not functioning correctly at this time. We’re currently working very hard to restore capability – and we hope to release an update very soon. Even at the best of times, it has been a tenuous relationship with Twitter

WPtouch Pro 3 – Our Favourite Least Known Features

There’s lots of great features in the new WPtouch Pro 3— we’ve picked out a few here that many people might not be aware of) that we love ;) Support for multiple WordPress menus Two of the all-new themes in WPtouch Pro 3 include support for multiple custom WordPress menus. In the “CMS” theme, you

What’s New in WPtouch Pro 3.0: Admin Panel Updates

WPtouch Pro 3.0: Admin Panel Philosophy We have always believed that it should be easy and fun to use our admin settings pages. In WPtouch Pro 3 we’ve redesigned them to be even easier to use and extremely lightweight— along with taking strides to better incorporate core WordPress admin philosophies and best practices. Intuitive Settings

What’s New in WPtouch Pro 3.0: Customizable Tailored Themes

Three all-new themes, endless possibilities Our innovative, new tailored themes are aimed at presenting content in ways that fit different types of sites—from high volume news sites to small business sites and more. Each provides a starting point from which you can easily create just the right theme to make your site shine on smartphones

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