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Piggy 2.0: A New Live Sales Data WordPress E-Commerce Plugin

When we made Piggy, our real-time e-commerce sales data WordPress E-Commerce plugin available for free, we didn’t anticipate such an overwhelming response. It’s clear users of the plugin really enjoy its sleek, easy to use, and elegant interface. It really is the best way to view WordPress e-commerce sales statistics. For 2.0, we wanted to make

Piggy Pro 1.4 Released!

Today we released Piggy Pro 1.4, which includes bug fixes and improvements. Below is the changelog for the release: Added: Support for additional currencies (Pound, Yen, Yuan, Won) Updated: Faster loading Updated: jQuery CDN link Updated: add2home script to 2.0.5 (w/iPhone 5 support) Updated: Optimized PNGs Changed: Removed iScroll script dependency, now using default iOS

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