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WPtouch Updates: Free goes international, better custom post types, and more!

If you’re running WPtouch on your website, you’ll find something fresh in your admin panel today. Here’s what we’ve been working on for the version 3.3.2 WPtouch update: Language selection We are very proud that WPtouch is available in numerous languages – both the administration tools and front-end interface are internationalized. Although we’ve been teasing the availability of the internationalized

WPtouch Pro 3.2 Adds Support for WPML

You asked, and we listened. Today we pushed out version 3.2 of WPtouch Pro which includes official WPML support. Going forward all users of WMPL and WPtouch Pro enabled websites will be able to see the available languages when visiting on a mobile device and switch between them at will. Like all themes and plugins

23 Ways To Say ‘I Love Mobile’: WPtouch Pro Supported Languages

With the upcoming release of WPtouch Pro 3.1, we’re proud to announce that our WPtouch Pro mobile plugin for WordPress will soon be available in 23 different languages – that’s a lot of different ways to say “I Love Mobile”. We’re in the process of finishing off a few of the newer ones, such as

WPtouch Pro: 21 Languages and Counting

Starting with the free version of WPtouch, it has always been important to us to provide our mobile solutions in as many languages as possible. The previous version of WPtouch Pro, version 2.0, launched with approximately 10 languages almost three years ago. During the development of WPtouch Pro 3.0 we decided to spend additional resources

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