February 3, 2015 — By WPTouch Admin

Happy New Year!

OK, I missed New Year’s Eve by a month–but there is still have much to celebrate: the release of WPtouch Pro 3.6.6 and a whole new support system!

If you haven’t updated WPtouch Pro since we emailed you in November, you’ve missed a fair bit! We added tools to help you manage your WPtouch Pro license from inside the plugin in 3.6.2.

In 3.6.3 we reworked our theme & extension system to automatically update whenever you update the WPtouch Pro plugin. And throughout we’ve made improvements and updated translations across the entire plugin. Many of those have carried across to the free edition, too.


After almost two years of trying we finally accepted that our support system was getting in the way more than it was helping us provide you with great support.

If you logged in to wptouch.com this week you will have seen the all-new My Account page, with license management tools, renewals, past purchases, and more all in one place.

We have moved tickets and the knowledgebase (now called ‘Solutions’) to Freshdesk, a great customer support system that lets you get help from us more easily than before.

Best of all, there’s no new account or password needed: you still login via wptouch.com.


As always there are a variety of updates in 3.6.6.

Newly added:

  • The ability for themes and extensions to disable Web-App Mode.
  • If you set a custom excerpt for your posts, WPtouch will use it when it displays related posts.
  • Support for category hierarchy in MobileStore


  • More localization updates (German, Greek, Hindi, and Indonesian)
  • More robust category listing
  • Updated link for support, etc. to point to our new ticket & knowledgebase and the new My Account page.
  • Because Web-App Mode is not compatible with off-site payment gateways, MobileStore no longer allows Web-App Mode to be used when no compatible gateways are found.Read out more about MobileStore and Web-App Mode in our support article.
  • MobileStore now allows selecting a custom latest posts page.

And Fixed:

  • A bug in MobileStore where it was not possible to completely disable product filters once any had been selected.
  • Layout bug in menu on sites with sequential nested menu items.

We’re excited about what we’ve got planned for WPtouch Pro in 2015. Thanks for your continued support!

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