Professional Installation

Have WPtouch professionally install WPtouch Pro for you and verify compatibility for your website.

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“Emilio has been nothing short of amazing to work with. It has hands down been the best experience I have ever had when working on any type of website development… period.”
- Professional Installation Customer

What our support team will do:

  1. Install the latest version of WPtouch Pro on your server (installation not available for
  2. Verify compatibility with existing plugins, and make recommendations about compatibility settings (we'll even help you with a cache plugin setup if you use one).
  3. Make recommendations about WPtouch Pro settings that will work best with your WordPress setup and desktop theme.
  4. Verify that your chosen WPtouch Pro theme works correctly on a variety of mobile devices.
  5. Resolve any conflicts or warnings WPtouch Pro shows in the notification bar.

Please note: blogs hosted by do not support third-party plugins. We are unable to install WPtouch Pro on such sites.

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