Top Reasons To Optimize WordPress For Mobile Devices With WPtouch

Top Reasons To Optimize WordPress For Mobile Devices With WPtouch

Every website can benefit from optimization, both on desktop and on a mobile device. Optimization of a site makes it more user friendly, and thus perceived as better in almost every way by Google, which ultimately leads to better overall user experience. There is no better way to optimize WordPress for mobile device usage than with WPtouch, the plugin designed with WordPress not just in mind, but to specifically work with WordPress.

WordPress for Mobile

You can download one of the WPtouch packages online now, if you need more information you can keep reading for the top reasons that WPtouch can change the way your site functions online.

Reason #1: Optimized Mobile Display For Better User Experience.

Perhaps the most important thing that comes from integrating the WPtouch plugin to your WordPress platform is optimizing the look and accessibility of your site on mobile devices.

Mobile Internet usage shows no sign of slowing and, is an increasingly high majority of overall Internet usage. While the desktop version of your site may be perfect, if your site is not optimized for speed, appearance and convenience of use on a tablet or cellular device, it is as good as obsolete.

Introducing WPtouch into your WordPress website will ensure that your site loads quickly, correctly and looks professional. Compared with desktop versions and even other mobile optimization software programs, WPtouch testing recorded 5x faster responsive themes.

WordPress themes are designed to suite your site; choose from a variety of themes best for commerce, content, small-businesses and more. A wide range of themes and personalization features mean you are never struggling to adjust your brand to fit a template. WPtouch works with your brand for the most relevant, and optimized mobile display.

Reason #2: Integrate WPtouch For Better SEO Ranking

Google loves mobile friendly versions of sites because it means that it doesn’t have to work as hard to display your webpage, it loads faster, and provides their users a better overall experience. SEO professionals realize that making Google happy is the quickest and easiest way to increase your page rank, or your SEO score.

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Optimizing your site to a Google-preferred mobile version will automatically improve your mobile rankings. In fact, WPtouch is included on Google’s shortlist of top WordPress mobile solutions.

Reason #3: Optimize WordPress Site For Mobile Devices With A Team Of Pros

A team of developers works around the clock to help WPtouch users troubleshoot their glitches and technical difficulties. You can even have developers and a team of professionals install the initial plugin for you, if needed.

When you sign up for WPtouch, not only do you have that access to the base level of professional support and assistance but you have the ability to enroll in the WPtouch developer support program.

If you do decide to subscribe to the WPtouch developer support program, enjoy priority support on projects; as a part of the developer support system, your inquires and questions are flagged as top priority and are addressed first.

In order to correctly optimize WordPress site for mobile usage, it is important to recognize and prepare for the diversity of devices and Internet connection visitors to your site have. The most technologically proficient people need help sometimes! Never fear when you know the WPtouch team is not far away.

Reason #4: WPtouch WordPress Responsive Design Plugin Adjusts To You

WPtouch works with all modern WordPress features to create a totally compatible website. It’s optimized, low-memory server footprint also ensures that all of your content runs fast and efficiently. Easily switch themes, add/remove extensions within the product pages and change settings with no penalty or loss of load time. WPtouch also lets you disable other plugins from running without ever leaving the platform through an intuitive, responsive, auto-save admin panel.

How else can WPtouch, the WordPress responsive design plugin, create a customizable interface for you online?

WPtouch is available in 23 different languages, avoiding misunderstandings and shortfalls you may see with other design plugins for a WordPress mobile site.

Taken directly from the WPtouch homepage “WPtouch has powerful features and capabilities that responsive desktop themes just can’t match. It detects mobile devices before sending anything – meaning it doesn’t make your visitors wait for what isn’t needed. Moreover, unlike other responsive themes, WPtouch works with your existing WordPress plugins right out of the box.

WPtouch specializes in delivering powerful, targeted results to mobile visitors and their on-the-go needs.

BONUS Reason (#5): Big WPtouch Grows As Your Business Does

WPtouch has several bundles, ranging from basic to Enterprise. As your business expands to more websites, you can expand your WP mobile plugin on your WordPress account. The Basic package starts at $69.00 and offers you a plugin for 1 WordPress site plus three total themes and four extensions. After you add more sites, purchase a Business package for $179.00, capable of handling 5 WordPress sites. Choose from 5 themes and 8 extensions. If your bar is set particularly high, The Enterprise package can handle up to FIFTY WordPress sites and includes all extensions and themes.

wordpress mobile plugin growth

No matter how small you’re starting out, WPtouch makes sure to offer you the opportunity to grow and continue to optimize WordPress for mobile devices. With 30+ years of combined experience, the founders and developers at WPtouch will be right here to help you accomplish your mobile site goals.

Don’t know where to start? Check out our WPtouch features, themes and package plans then download our mobile plugin and see how easy it is to get started. Read the WPtouch blog to get a better idea of the product and how useful it can be in your own business.

Download WPtouch WordPress mobile optimization plugin to stay on course for an era of increasing mobile usage!

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