Make WordPress Site Mobile Friendly The Easy Way

Make WordPress Site Mobile Friendly The Easy Way

WordPress is a free, easy way to build your company’s website or blog. Whether your company operates fully online or you just want to build a website or blog to supplement your business, WordPress is a great tool to help your vision become a reality.

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The one complaint WordPress users do have is that they find it difficult to convert their website into a mobile site. While WordPress gives you options to make your site format mobile friendly, it is not always the most comprehensive conversion to mobile usage. That’s where WPtouch comes in! WPtouch WordPress plugin can help make WordPress site mobile friendly! With add-ons, extensions and developers ready to help you build your site, it has more potential than ever to be exactly what you want it to be.

Utilize WPtouch and start seeing the difference in your website’s mobile interface as early as today!

How to make website mobile friendly

There are many ways to make your website mobile friendly. WPtouch is the best way to create a mobile interface that stays true to your brand and drives traffic to your site.

So what do you have to look forward to?

WPTouch will completely “transform the way your WordPress website looks and works” on any mobile device.

Keep your URL: Since the plugin is for your existing WordPress site, WPtouch will transform content on the same URL as your initial theme.
Keep your desktop theme: WPtouch itilizes themes for mobile visitors meaning your desktop theme and your content will stay the same.
Keep Google happy: WPtouch is a Google-preferred mobile friendly solution; your website will be flagged on Google as “mobile friendly” and your mobile search rankings will improve as a result. There is no better way to make website mobile friendly than to please Google.


The Best Themes In The Business:

With WPtouch, you also have a variety of mobile friendly themes to look forward to. Choose the theme that matches your brand and how you want to portray your online presence.

best wordpress mobile theme

Bauhaus: Bauhaus is one of the most flexible themes, designed to easily take on any branding, both in look and feel. Retina-ready and with an easy to set logo, color and type, matching your mobile site to your online site is guaranteed to be simple. While all of WPtouch themes are easy-to-use, Bauhaus is particularly simple to learn and navigate for users.

Mobile Store: Designed for commerce purposes, Mobile Store is one of the most advanced themes designed on the platform. One-page checkout makes selling via your online site simple while a focus on speed and easy communication makes your customer’s browsing experience particularly user friendly. Maximize sales with a user friendly, mobile sales platform.

Classic: The all-new classic theme has been “re-designed and re-engineered for the modern mobile web. Because Classic uses content layouts and header navigation, it is one of the most popular themes on WPtouch. Customizable colors, type and overall design also contribute to its popularity. Classic is exactly that; classic and timeless.

CMS: CMS is ideal for a site with lots of content – posts, pages, categories, post types, you name it and CMS can handle it. Designed to handle a great deal of content with easy navigation throughout, CMS supports almost all of WPtouch Pro’s major features.

Simple: Simple is possibly WP’s most flexible themes and can be used for small businesses, blogs, page-driven sites, schools…and so much more. The navigation is playful and neat, making it both popular and useful.

Prose: Prose is the ideal choice for showcasing content. If you are a writer or the focus of your website is sharing great content, Prose is the theme you want to use, designed to make content shine on mobile devices. A simple off-canvas menu allows visitors to change text reading size, view collections and categories of content, all while incorporating unique sharing capabilities for your readers to make use of once they finish reading your articles.

Open: Open, designed for small businesses offers features such as operating hours for your brick-and-mortar stores, click-to-call and location finders. Easily use its flexible content display to advertise menus, sales, special offers and more to potential customers.

Which theme is best for your mobile friendly WordPress plugin?

Build Your Best Site With WPtouch: Mobile App For WordPress Website

WPtouch is your solution to creating a mobile site as adequate as your desktop version. It is the best mobile app for WordPress website that money can buy and it’s still affordable!

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Currently, WPtouch operates over a half-million sites worldwide which has helped to shape and evolve the mobile web. The creators of the company have over 30 years of experience in WordPress development; no one knows WordPress better.

I sincerely mean it when I say that our WPtouch Pro license was the best thing we ever did for our website.” – Greg Mooradian, WPtouch Pro Customer

Whether you have an existing WordPress site or just the possibility of one in mind, don’t go one step further until you consider how you will convert the desktop version into a mobile version. It is predicted that, soon, Internet usage on a mobile device will trump that on a laptop or desktop device. Gone are the days that making your site mobile friendly is a recommended; now it completely necessary to have a mobile friendly version of your website. Stay ahead of the game by creating mobile versions of your WordPress site that are Google friendly and will therefore rank higher on Google’s mobile search engines.

No one values maintaining your site’s success and brand more than WPtouch. Nothing is more frustrating than having to mess with the site you already worked so hard to perfect in order for it to be mobile friendly. Choose the best app to make WordPress site mobile friendly with WPtouch.

Use WPtouch today and see how easy it can be to make your WordPress site mobile friendly.

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