June 12, 2013 — By WPTouch Admin

Important Info for WordTwit & WordTwit Pro Users


Yesterday Twitter depreciated the 1.0 version of their API. As a result, both WordTwit and WordTwit Pro are not functioning correctly at this time. We’re currently working very hard to restore capability – and we hope to release an update very soon.

Even at the best of times, it has been a tenuous relationship with Twitter – unfortunately, changing policies and company direction have made it more difficult for developers like us to continue creating products like WordTwit.

We’ll continue to service, improve, and develop WordTwit going forward, as long as Twitter will allow us to do so.

Big Update Coming

As some users may already know, we will be releasing a major update to the free version of WordTwit very soon— this update will include all of WordTwit Pro’s features (new publish widget with support for tags, multiple account support, multiple tweet support, & more). After discontinuing the Pro version, we decided it would be to everyone’s benefit to replace the code in the WordPress repository version with the Pro code, exactly like we did with Piggy.

For those that have used the pro version, you know that making this code available in the free repository makes WordTwit  possibly the best WordPress-to-Twitter publishing tool available on the free repository.

We apologize for the interruption in functionality using WordTwit— but we’re very excited to offer the new version for everyone very soon.

Dale Mugford
President & Co-Founder

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