April 24, 2014 — By WPTouch Admin

WPtouch adds Windows Phone 8.1, Opera & Firefox Mobile Browser Support

We’ve recently pushed out updates for WPtouch and WPtouch Pro (3.2.4) that add support for a variety of growing mobile devices and browsers, expanding our support of devices and mobile browsers that are growing and maturing.


Windows Phone 8.1

The newly released Windows Phone 8.1 OS update is now fully supported with WPtouch. The new OS update for Windows mobile devices is receiving lots of praise, and we think it’s a great update to the platform.

WPtouch performs even better on devices running the latest update, and customers will be happy to know we have no known issues with WPtouch themes in the browsers available for 8.1.


Opera & Coast

Also included in the update is support for new Opera mobile browsers, including the newly released Opera Coast browser for iOS. It’s a slick and minimal browser, and again WPtouch performs beautifully along with it.

Firefox OS

We’ve also recently added support for Firefox OS, which is quite popular in emerging markets and we want WPtouch working on as many mobile devices as possible.


WPtouch now works on a staggering 98% of all popular mobile devices and platforms, making it one of the most compatible and complete mobile solutions for WordPress.

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