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June 12, 2013 – By Dale Mugford

Important Info for WordTwit & WordTwit Pro Users


Yesterday Twitter depreciated the 1.0 version of their API. As a result, both WordTwit and WordTwit Pro are not functioning correctly at this time. We’re currently working very hard to restore capability – and we hope to release an update very soon.

Even at the best of times, it has been a tenuous relationship with Twitter – unfortunately, changing policies and company direction have made it more difficult for developers like us to continue creating products like WordTwit.

We’ll continue to service, improve, and develop WordTwit going forward, as long as Twitter will allow us to do so.

Big Update Coming

As some users may already know, we will be releasing a major update to the free version of WordTwit very soon— this update will include all of WordTwit Pro’s features (new publish widget with support for tags, multiple account support, multiple tweet support, & more). After discontinuing the Pro version, we decided it would be to everyone’s benefit to replace the code in the WordPress repository version with the Pro code, exactly like we did with Piggy.

For those that have used the pro version, you know that making this code available in the free repository makes WordTwit  possibly the best WordPress-to-Twitter publishing tool available on the free repository.

We apologize for the interruption in functionality using WordTwit— but we’re very excited to offer the new version for everyone very soon.

Dale Mugford
President & Co-Founder

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February 13, 2012 – By The BNC Team

Announcing new updates to our Affiliate Program

We have two exciting announcements to share regarding updates to our Affiliate Program:

Tiered Commission

Affiliate Program participants now have the opportunity to earn a higher commission based on sales levels. 30% commission will apply to sales totaling less than $1000 in a calendar month. Sales over $1000 in a calendar month will earn 40% commission.

Commission breakdown:
All sales below $1000 in a month – 30% commission
All sales above $1000 in a month – 40% commission

New Affiliate Links

We’ve added some new links in the Affiliate Center that you can use to promote various BraveNewCode pages and channels on the web (WPtouch, YouTube, Flickr, etc).  These links will set the affiliate cookie prior to doing the redirect, so if the visitor makes a purchase after, it will be reflected on your account.

For more information on our new affiliate links visit our Affiliate Center in our support forums.

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February 7, 2012 – By The BNC Team

Participate in our customer survey for a chance to win a BraveNewCode plugin

We’d like to make sure we’re giving you the best customer experience possible.

Please participate in our survey and let us know how we’re doing. All participants will be entered in a draw for a BraveNewCode prize pack. 2 winners will be chosen and each will receive a BraveNewCode plugin of their choice and a snazzy BraveNewCode t-shirt.

If you’re interested in participating in our draw, make sure to provide your contact information at the end of the survey. Good luck!

*Prize is available to North American and EU residents only. One entry per participant.

Update: Feb 20, 2012 – Our survey contest is now closed. The winners will be announced soon. Thank you to everyone who participated!

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December 7, 2011 – By The BNC Team

WordTwit Pro 3.3: Critical Changes You Should Know About

Yesterday we were contacted by the Twitter API team and informed that WordTwit Pro‘s use of the API was not inline with the Twitter’s terms of service for third-party applications. The reasons given by the Twitter API team were:

“[WordTwit Pro] facilitates serial posting across multiple accounts, tweet/retweet automation, tweet branding and automated affiliate advertising.”

After reviewing the alleged violations by the Twitter API team, we are of the opinion that the reasons given are not justified based on the typical use cases of WordTwit Pro users.

First, WordTwit Pro does allow a user to push a tweet out to multiple accounts simultaneously. This feature is meant to simplify management of a website where new post information would routinely by posted to multiple accounts. For example, a WPtouch-related post on BraveNewCode could be pushed to the @wptouch and @bravenewcode Twitter accounts. This functionality is by no means specific to WordTwit Pro; it exists in almost all Twitter clients available today.

Second, while WordTwit Pro does allow a user to automate certain tweets or retweets, all of these essentially have to come at the request of the end-user. This represents a form of tweet scheduling, which is also a standard feature in many Twitter services and clients.

With regards to tweet branding and affiliate advertising, we are ultimately at a loss. Other than the WordTwit Pro application registered with Twitter (which ultimately causes each tweet to be associated with WordTwit Pro), there is no branding on tweets done by BraveNewCode or WordTwit Pro. Each user has the ability to manually edit a tweet before it goes out, which is no different than most Twitter clients. We also provide a very detailed Tweet Log in WordTwit Pro, which shows every tweet that is generated by WordTwit Pro, even if they were not successfully tweeted.

Ultimately Twitter has suspended the OAuth token currently used by WordTwit Pro, which has caused WordTwit Pro installations using the default configuration to stop working. We have tried to communicate with the Twitter API team to work towards resolving the misunderstanding, but as of right now the token is suspended and they have not responded to our most recent attempts to open a dialog or to educate them further about our product.

To simplify the process of setting up WordTwit Pro, we included a generic WordTwit Pro OAuth token registered with Twitter. Since we do not know the nature of the original complaint with Twitter, we can only assume a person or company witnessed some form of SPAM associated with an installation of WordTwit Pro and reported the application in violation. Since we do not control any portion of a WordTwit Pro installation or any tweets that are generated once a user installs the software, we are unable to intervene when any users potentially abuse the product.

Going forward we are forced to remove the default token within WordTwit Pro; this means all end-users will have to register a custom application with Twitter to use with their installation. That also means each user will be responsible for abiding by Twitter’s terms of service for use of the Twitter API. Since the feature to add a custom OAuth application already exists within WordTwit Pro, current installations already using this feature are not affected by the revoked token.

If you have been affected by this, please visit this page for information on how to create a custom application with Twitter and configure WordTwit Pro to use it.

We will release version 3.3 of WordTwit Pro shortly, which will require custom applications for new installations. If you have been using the custom application feature already and you upgrade, your installation should not be affected by this change.

We apologize to anyone who has been affected by this incident, but as the token was revoked by Twitter without any prior warning, we were not able to resolve any concerns without the downtime experienced by customers.

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July 29, 2011 – By The BNC Team

WordTwit Pro Video Interview w/ JamesWoodcock.co.uk

Dale Mugford (our design lead & co-founder) recently did a video interview with Freelance Journalist James Woodcock regarding the release of WordTwit Pro, our premium WordPress to Twitter (and soon Facebook!) publishing tool.

James asks a variety of questions and delves into the details regarding impetus, feature set, and future plans for the new plugin.

Runs about 30 mins.

You can watch the video below, or see a larger version on James’ site, here.

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