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September 20, 2012 – By The BNC Team

WPtouch Pro Tips Central: Spotlight on berrylicio.us

BerryLiciousOur “Tips Central” blog series spotlights WPtouch Pro-powered sites built and maintained by designers, developers and site owners like you. Read about other designers, developers, and site owners’ experiences with WPtouch Pro and get ideas for your own projects. Our experts also provide their recommendations for additional site enhancements using WPtouch Pro.

Site URL: www.BerryLicio.us
Designed by: Jhay Gamba
License Type: Single



Q&A With Jhay Gamba
Web Designer/Developer at BerryLicio.us

How long have you been using WPtouch Pro?
I have been a proud user of WPtouch Pro since September, 2011. Hey, it’s been a year, yay!

Why did you choose WPtouch Pro to power your mobile site?
I started using the free version of WPtouch way back in early 2010 or 2011 on my previous websites. I had a client that needed his website to be viewable on devices like his beloved iPhone and iPad. I found that WPtouch answered all his needs. Oh, it’s great on BlackBerry too!

What do you like most about using WPtouch Pro?
WPtouch Pro is easy to use. It makes a normal website look professional on mobile devices. You don’t have to worry about being a developer in order to make your website mobile-friendly. I agree with what another WPtouch Pro user said: “It more than meets your requirements”. Also, if you’ve been enjoying the free version then you’ll find the premium version is a worthwhile upgrade. Trust me.


Note: Links to support documentation are available exclusively to current WPtouch Pro customers who are logged into bravenewcode.com.

1. Add a logo.
WPtouch Pro offers the option to easily add your logo to your mobile theme. An optional logo specifically for Retina screens may also be included.
Support Documentation: Adding a Custom Logo


Custom Header Image support

2. Add custom icons.
WPtouch Pro comes bundled with hundreds of icons and allows for the upload of additional custom icons for use throughout a site. By adding icons that reflect the content available to the mobile menu, visitors’ user experience will be greatly improved. By customizing the home screen icon for use with the iOS Web-App Mode, BerryLicio.us’ branding visibility will be further enhanced.
Support Documentation: Using Custom Icons


Add Custom Menu icons

3. Add custom startup screens.
In addition to adding a custom home screen logo, startup screens can be added to WPtouch Pro’s iOS Web-App Mode settings. Here, too, logos specific for Retina screens can be optionally included in both the mobile and iPad themes (startup screens are shown when accessing a WPtouch Pro-powered website from the home screen shortcut). Startup screens allow you to deliver a more app-like feel to mobile visitors and allows the opportunity for extra branding.
Support Documentation: iOS Web-App Mode


Mobile and iPad theme’s Web-App loading screens

4. Include social media links in menu.
On the BerryLicio.us non-mobile site, social media links are prominently featured. Those links can be added to the WPtouch Pro menu where they will be available persistently sitewide. Custom icons may be added as well. Links may be added through the WPtouch Pro admin panel or by using a custom WordPress menu.
Support Documentation: Using a Custom WordPress Menu


Custom WordPress Menu support

5. Extend styling to the mobile experience.
WPtouch Pro offers options to customize the styling of its mobile theme as little or as much as desired. The Style/Appearance panel offers quick ways to add colors, fonts, and images to extend the non-mobile theme. For further customization, WPtouch Pro’s child theme functionality offers much, much more.
Support Documentation: Applying Custom CSS


WPtouch Pro’s Style and Appearance options

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