August 14, 2015 – By Dale, Co-Founder

WPtouch 4: Customize your website for mobile devices like never before!

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Full Customizer Support

With WPtouch 4, we’ve redesigned our admin panel and added native support for the WordPress customizer.

Unlike responsive themes, you can control exactly what your visitors will see when they visit your website on a mobile device.

Setting up a WPtouch theme has never been easier: Play with colours, fonts, logos in just a few clicks, all while instantly live-previewing your changes.

Experiment with featured sliders, post and page options. Tinker with featured images, social sharing, and menus— and when you’re done, simply save and publish and go live.

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New Wizard

In WPtouch 4 we’ve added an all-new setup wizard to guide you through getting started with WPtouch. The wizard makes sure you’re made aware of the things you need to do to get setup quickly, and even helps you along by automatically discovering your WordPress environment.

Use Google Analytics? WPtouch 4 can tell, and will automatically add your analytics code into its themes. Use a different template for posts and your home page? WPtouch will configure them automatically, yet also lets you choose something different (if you want to change it for mobile visitors).

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Streamlined Settings

If you’re configuring a theme’s appearance, that’s all done in the WordPress theme customizer now, where it should be. Setting up menus for WPtouch? That’s done in the WordPress menu settings, too. In WPtouch 4 we’ve examined the entire setup process to make more sense for you, and flow logically.

For example, a new user will go through the setup wizard to configure key settings, then on to the customizer to choose appearance settings and experiment with look and feel. Going from activation to publishing your mobile website has never been as clear and easy.

For all the settings that don’t belong in the Customizer Settings, they’re all in one new location, the WPtouch Settings. There you’ll be able to modify the “under the hood” options, along with adding or activating additional themes and extensions.

WPtouch 3.x Support

When you update to a new major version of WPtouch you don’t want to have to setup a theme all over again. In the past we made major changes that we weren’t able to rectify with older WPtouch installations. In WPtouch 4, you don’t have to worry— all 3.x themes running WPtouch 3.5 or newer will “just work” with WPtouch 4.

In development for 4.0, we left 3.x themes intact and worked rigorously to ensure that they could live in the 4.0 world without issue. Our team poured over configurations and different scenarios to ensure that we maintained full backwards compatibility with any custom or copied theme(s) you’re running today.

WPtouch 4 themes offer more control and customizability in the WordPress Customizer, but 3.0 themes will also benefit from the customizer and a variety of their settings will automatically work with the WordPress Customizer when you update to WPtouch 4.0.


We think WPtouch 4 is by far and away the best version of WPtouch we’ve ever made. After hundreds of releases, 8 million downloads and nearly a decade of work, our team has created the most polished, professional and powerful mobile tool for WordPress websites. And we want to see everyone using it and enjoying it.

When it’s released this fall, we’re happy to announce that WPtouch 4.0 will be a free update for all licensed customers.

Along with 4.0, all new updates for themes and extensions that are included with your license will also be free.

If your license expires soon, renew today to ensure you receive the 4.0 updates.


Interested in giving a beta version of 4.0 a try? Simply log into and fill out the beta application form. We will be selecting a slice of those of you who sign up to test drive and help us finish 4.0 before public release.

There’s lots more packed into 4.0, and we’ll have some blog posts over the coming weeks to highlight them all.

Not a customer, but interested in receiving updates directly to your inbox? Sign up for the WPtouch mailing list today.
We send out infrequent, periodic updates on what’s new in the WPtouch world.

October 2, 2014 – By Dale, Co-Founder

MobileStore: A WPtouch Theme for WooCommerce


A new WooCommerce theme built with the power of WPtouch.

Lightning Fast, Made for Mobile & WooCommerce

Expect higher conversions with our new polished mobile theme for WooCommerce. We’ve worked hard to deliver refined user interaction and store exploration. With MobileStore for WPtouch we analyzed dozens of eCommerce websites and worked to bring the best of commerce for the mobile web together into one package.

For us, it seems many WooCommerce themes, including responsive themes, fall short of delivering a great mobile shopping experience. It appears many of these themes treat mobile as an afterthought— a thing they have to be able to do to call them “responsive”.

But responsive shouldn’t mean elements just fit on the page for mobile devices. That’s simply not enough when it comes to the mobile experience, and customers who come to a shop on their mobile devices need a good shopping experience to want to purchase via mobile.

That’s why we put our 6+ years of working on the mobile web towards building MobileStore.

Both the design and code behind MobileStore have been built together in harmony with WooCommerce, while all standard WooCommerce features are supported and delivered in a cohesive, mobile-centric way.

Months in the Making

We spent hundreds of hours on MobileStore carefully constructing a smart, intuitive theme that’s simply a joy to use.


Elegant Design

With MobileStore you get an awesome touch-friendly menu, easy-access everywhere cart, smooth animated product views, including multi-touch zoom and pan product galleries. MobileStore also features a mobile-specific checkout that’s user-friendly and made to mivs customers through the checkout process smoothly.

Customize and Brand

Easily choose fonts, brand colors and logos to add to the theme, and make it your own. MobileStore for WPtouch and WooCommerce comes with great features baked it you can easily control.

All the Woo You Need

MobileStore has built in support for all out-of-the-box WooCommerce features, and we’ll be adding more support for its popular add-ons going forward. MobileStore works with WooCommerce 2.1 or later.

All The Power Of WPtouch

You don’t just get a mobile theme with MobileStore, you get all the powerful features WPtouch customers enjoy— features like Web-App Mode, which enable iOS visitors to save your store to their home screens just like native apps. Your customers can even make purchases from inside Web-App Mode as well.

IOS 8 Support

Mobile store also fully supports iOS 8, and can leverage Handoff to send your product pages between desktop and iPads and iPhones. We also support iOS’s new photo credit card feature, which enables customers to take a photo of their credit card to fill out your purchase form.

MobileStore is available today and is included with all WPtouch Developer/Agency licenses or higher.

April 24, 2014 – By Dale, Co-Founder

WPtouch adds Windows Phone 8.1, Opera & Firefox Mobile Browser Support

We’ve recently pushed out updates for WPtouch and WPtouch Pro (3.2.4) that add support for a variety of growing mobile devices and browsers, expanding our support of devices and mobile browsers that are growing and maturing.


Windows Phone 8.1

The newly released Windows Phone 8.1 OS update is now fully supported with WPtouch. The new OS update for Windows mobile devices is receiving lots of praise, and we think it’s a great update to the platform.

WPtouch performs even better on devices running the latest update, and customers will be happy to know we have no known issues with WPtouch themes in the browsers available for 8.1.


Opera & Coast

Also included in the update is support for new Opera mobile browsers, including the newly released Opera Coast browser for iOS. It’s a slick and minimal browser, and again WPtouch performs beautifully along with it.

Firefox OS

We’ve also recently added support for Firefox OS, which is quite popular in emerging markets and we want WPtouch working on as many mobile devices as possible.


WPtouch now works on a staggering 98% of all popular mobile devices and platforms, making it one of the most compatible and complete mobile solutions for WordPress.

January 8, 2014 – By Dale, Co-Founder

Introducing BraveNewCloud + WPtouch Pro

bravenewcloud and wptouch pro 3.1

Recently we released WPtouch Pro 3.1, a major update to our flagship mobile plugin for WordPress. A solid two months of work went into the latest update— we introduced a new theme, 3 extensions, and improvements to the best platform for mobile development for WordPress websites.


WPtouch Pro 3.1 introduces the BraveNewCloud, a revolutionary new feature for a WordPress plugin. With the BraveNewCloud you can now seamlessly install & update WPtouch Pro themes and extensions inside the admin panel.

The BraveNewCloud operates seamlessly within WPtouch Pro, and allows you to receive updates for themes and extensions as we release them. You no longer have to wait for a new version of the plugin in order to receive updates for themes and extensions. This allows us to ship more timely bug fixes and improvements to themes and extensions.

Including a cloud install inside the product like this wasn’t easy, and marks the first time any WordPress plugin has accomplished this feat.

Bauhaus: A New Theme, Theme Updates


With 3.1 we’ve introduced a fresh theme, Bauhaus. Available absolutely free to all existing customers.

Contemporary design and full-featured flexibility are highlights in Bauhaus. Subtle hardware-accelerated animations and clean clear typography make Bauhaus stand out as a polished and powerful, modern mobile theme.

Classic Redux, CMS & Simple

New features, refinements and fixes are also included for all our existing themes. Hotly requested features like user login have been added, while support for iOS 7 (particularly in Web-App Mode) bring all of our themes freshly up to date.

All-New Extensions

Ever since the launch of 3.0 we’d planned to add extensions that help you take your WPtouch Pro install to the next level. With 3.1 we’ve added 3 new extensions and we’ll roll-out more this year.

Mobile Content Extension

Ever wanted to provide content on a post or page completely different from what your desktop visitors see? With the Mobile Content extension, you can. This extension adds a new text area on posts and pages in the WordPress publishing area, and allows you to enter whatever content you’d like to show differently for your mobile visitors.

Responsive Images Extension

One of the biggest issues facing responsive design these days has to do with images— since all webpage assets are served regardless of screen size in a responsively designed website, authors are forced to serve higher quality images (for larger screens) at the expense of larger web page sizes. This slows down websites when they load on a small screen device like a mobile phone, even though they don’t need large images.

With our Responsive Images extension, we’ve solved the problem. The extension swaps out larger images for smaller ones where available, since WordPress creates differently sized images for every uploaded image (full size, large, medium and small). It’s an extension that is literally activate and go— yet you can also add CDN capability to serve images based on geo-location for extra speed.

Infinity Cache Extension

Infinity Cache handles both mobile and desktop caching!

It even caches mobile visitors who switch to your desktop theme, ensuring all visitors are served lightning fast page views no matter how they choose to visit your website.

If you already have an existing caching plugin for your desktop website, you can also use it in conjunction with Infinity Cache- your existing plugin will cache desktop pages, and Infinity Cache will handle all the mobile agents set to pass through it to WPtouch Pro.

Unlike so many complex cache solutions available for WordPress, Infinity Cache is simple and straightforward, and does caching right without worry. It truly is a “set it and forget it” type of cache solution.

Available Now

The WPtouch Pro 3.1 update with BraveNewCloud is free to all existing customers, and you can upgrade through the WordPress admin like any other plugin today.

May 6, 2013 – By Martin, Product Manager & Designer

Media Release: The Future of Mobile Web Design is Here


BraveNewCode Announces WPtouch Pro 3.0

VANCOUVER, May 6, 2013-Designing highly customized mobile experiences just became a whole lot easier. The latest major release of BraveNewCode’s flagship WordPress plugin – WPtouch Pro 3.0 – is packed with innovative improvements including a selection of tailored mobile themes, an all-new approach to mobile theme development and an advanced and elegant configuration interface.

“WPtouch Pro 3.0 includes a new set of incredible, flexible themes that are aimed at presenting content in ways that fit particular types of sites,” explains BraveNewCode product designer Martin Kuplens-Ewart. “Customers are in for a treat whether they’re running a content-rich news blog or promoting a small business.”

Just like past versions of the plugin, WPtouch Pro 3.0 is extremely easy-to-use; the easiest version yet, according to the BraveNewCode team.

“WPtouch Pro 3.0 is just a pleasure to use. Its branding controls make you smile as you set up your mobile theme and watch it come to life with your colors, logos, menus and content. For example, color controls grab your desktop theme’s color palette so you can easily apply it to your mobile template, ” says co-founder, Dale Mugford.

Developers can set up featured content sliders, web fonts, animations and other complex mobile features with a few lines of code. These features can be implemented with a simple click in some cases.

Mugford adds, “We do the heavy lifting. We get you setup to just create. It’s like a platform, but much more. You do as little or as much customizing as you like, but either way, it’s always a great result.”

WPtouch Pro 3.0 also sports a new configuration interface. The configuration panel has been redesigned to be even more practical and intuitive. Customers will also notice extensive improvements to WPtouch Pro’s customer support services, including a new support site and private ticketing system.

The announcement of WPtouch Pro 3.0 is the next event in BraveNewCode’s practice of setting the standard for mobile optimization of WordPress websites. First introduced in 2008, the free version of the plugin has been downloaded over four million times from the WordPress directory, and it powered one third of the top WordPress websites in 2012.


Additional media resources including our visuals and video on this same subject can be found here.

Media contact:
Joyce Peralta, Community Specialist, BraveNewCode, 1-877-787-8917, media [at]

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