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April 11, 2012 – By Duane Storey

WPtouch Running 31% of the Top Mobile-Powered WordPress Blogs

An article was floating around the web today showing that WordPress now dominates the top 100 blogs. From the data it appears that 49 of the top 100 blogs are running WordPress at this stage, which is great since it’s the platform that WPtouch runs on, and we love WordPress!

When the article came out I went through the websites methodically to see how those websites stacked up in the mobile space. The results of what type of mobile solution they are using is shown in the pie chart below.

First, somewhat surprisingly, is the fact that 23 out of those 49 sites still do not appear to have any type of iPhone compatible mobile site (47%).

Nine sites seem to have rolled their own custom mobile solutions, or are using some type of theme that has it built in (it’s hard to tell exactly what they are doing on some of these sites) (18%) – but at least they appear to have a mobile-friendly version.

And in third place, right behind None and Custom solutions, are sites that use either WPtouch or WPtouch Pro – there are 8 of those out of 49 sites, representing 16% of the total 49.

The final 18% of the pie is powered by Mobify (5 blogs over 2 domains), WordPress Mobile Pack (1), Mobile High Theme (1), Obox Mobile (1), and the Carrington Mobile theme (1).

Excluding sites that don’t appear to have made any mobile effort whatsoever (23 of them), WPtouch and WPtouch Pro power roughly 31% of the top mobile-powered WordPress blogs in the world (8 out of 26).

So if you can spare five or ten minutes and are looking to make your WordPress-powered website mobile friendly, then check out the free WPtouch plugin or our premium WPtouch Pro plugin.

1. All tests were performed by looking at the site’s response to the iPhone user-agent and then looking at the source and rendered site output.

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