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August 28, 2014 – By Duane Storey

WPtouch Security Update – Version 3.4.7

Yesterday someone informed us of a potential security issue with file uploads within WPtouch. After investigating, we determined that the code that allows WordPress administrators to upload files needed to be hardened to not accept certain types of files. We’ve included this fix in version 3.4.7, which was released last night for WPtouch Pro as well as the free version of WPtouch.

This issue only affected WordPress administrators who were already logged in, many of whom typically have access to the file system already. When possible, update to 3.4.7 which includes the updated file upload handling with improved security.

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August 26, 2014 – By Duane Storey

WPtouch Pro 3.4.6 Now Available

We just released WPtouch Pro 3.4.6, which includes a few new features as well as a few bug fixes.

Here’s a list of what has been changed:

  • Changed: Now allow mid-content advertisements in Multi-ads (Pro only)
  • Fixed: Sharing link text no longer output in Related Posts excerpts
  • Fixed: Checkboxes & radio buttons in comment forms are visibly checked
  • Fixed: Featured slider showing selected pages
  • Fixed: Display of comment count at top of posts in Bauhaus after comments have closed
  • Fixed: Shortcodes are now processed properly in the Multi-ads extension advertising code (Pro only)
  • Fixed: RTL issues with related posts

You can update WPtouch Pro to the new version from the plugin page. It can take up to four hours to show that a new update is available, so if you don’t see the update, please try again later. If your license has expired, you can renew it here.

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August 26, 2014 – By Duane Storey

The WPtouch Affiliate Program

We’re pleased to announce the relaunch of the WPtouch affiliate program, now hosted on the ShareASale platform. If you’re a fan of WPtouch and want to earn some money by helping to promote the product on your own website or social media channels, then we encourage you to apply.

The commission for the program is set at 25%, which means you can earn upwards of $87 per sale of WPtouch. For more information please visit our WPtouch affiliate program page, or head on over to ShareASale and apply for the WPtouch affiliate program.

Note: we generally only accept medium to high-traffic websites with an emphasis on WordPress, web design, web development, or technology. If you feel your website or channel would be a good fit, then please apply.

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August 21, 2014 – By Duane Storey

Win One Of Ten Free Licenses Of WPtouch Pro!

Since it’s summer here in Canada and we’re all in a great mood, we’ve decided to host a little giveaway here at BraveNewCode. If you’ve been looking to try out WPtouch Pro, but don’t have the funds or are on the fence, then here’s your chance.

We’re giving away ten (10) one-year, single site licenses for WPtouch Pro ($49 value each). Compared to the free version of WPtouch, WPtouch Pro contains several additional themes (such as Prose, Simple, CMS, and Classic Redux) in additional to a pile of great features such as customized typography and the ability to have mobile-specific content.

If you’d like to win a free license of WPtouch Pro, please use one or more of the available options below – your chances to win increase with each option you select, and you’ll receive entry points if you tell your friends about this contest as well.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The WPtouch August giveaway runs from today (Thursday, August 21st) until Friday, August 28th at 5pm EST. We’ll announce the winners shortly afterwards and set each of you up with your license. Best of luck!

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July 14, 2014 – By Dale Mugford

Security Fix in WPtouch and WPtouch Pro 3.4.3: Insecure Nonce Generation in WPtouch

Thanks to the folks at Sucuri.net we were made aware last week of a security vulnerability in WPtouch 3.x that allowed logged-in users to upload malicious files to a WPtouch installation.

The issue was fixed in 3.4.3 released over the weekend, before the security issue was publicized, though anyone running WPtouch 3.x or WPtouch Pro 3.x should make sure they’re running the latest version of the plugin to be 100% secure.

The issue does not affect WPtouch 1.x or 2.x users, and only affects 3.x users where an attacker has already logged in (so they require an account with your website to exploit).

Currently, all managed GoDaddy and MediaTemple customers running WPtouch have been automatically updated to the latest version, so if you’re using their services you’re already up to date.

We regularly and routinely scan WPtouch for security vulnerabilities, and we appreciated responsible disclosure of this security issue directly to our team. Folks like Sucuri are great at providing us with information to improve and enhance the security of software, and we’re grateful for the work they do.

WordPress always encourages updating to the latest version as a means of making sure you’re protected against security issues, so make sure you’re running the latest versions of WordPress-related software to ensure your security on your website.

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