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December 18, 2014 – By Martin Kuplens-Ewart

Auto-updating Themes & Extensions in WPtouch Pro 3.6.3



Just in time for Christmas we’ve released a pair of updates to WPtouch and WPtouch Pro. This month our focus has been on making life with WPtouch Pro easier.

Auto-updating themes & extensions

Forget about checking for theme & extension updates – whenever you update WPtouch Pro 3, the plugin will check for available updates and automatically install them for you. If you’ve made changes to one of WPtouch Pro’s official themes, we’ll copy the theme and install a fresh copy of the original for you to copy across any improvements you may wish to apply.

In-plugin license upgrades

You can now purchase a license upgrade from inside the WPtouch Pro plugin to get instant access to features of advanced licenses. If your license is active on more than one site, the upgrade will roll out to the rest of your sites within 20 minutes of your upgrade.

Other updates

  • Added: A little festive spirit with a Christmassy version of our logo!
  • Changed: We slimmed down the plugin package by moving screenshots out of the zip file and into the WordPress repository.
  • Changed: MobileStore looks up the visitor’s location to pre-fill some shipping information. Because this relies on url_fopen being enabled we check for that being enabled before performing a lookup.
  • Fixed: Updated WPtouch’s icon font with a new name to avoid conflicts with other plugins
  • Fixed: Pagination glitch in MobileStore search

If you haven’t tried WPtouch Pro yet, now is a great time to get started!

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November 6, 2014 – By Martin Kuplens-Ewart

Choose custom web fonts with the Advanced Typography extension – new with WPtouch Pro 3.6

We carefully select the typefaces to be included in WPtouch Pro’s web font pairings to express a wide variety of personalities that might be appropriate for sites using WPtouch Pro. Although they work for many websites, some site owners have contacted us asking how they can choose their own web fonts from the wide range offered by Google Fonts – or even use fonts from subscription font services. Still others need access to the varied character subsets available through Google Fonts for languages that use cyrillic, greek, or even devangari. To all of you, we are delighted to say: easily, with a few clicks, today. And most importantly: FREE with all WPtouch Pro licenses!


Picking custom fonts with the Advanced Typography extension

With support for the full Google Font library as well as your custom sets from Fontdeck and Typekit, Advanced Typography for WPtouch Pro 3 puts you in complete control of the typographical branding of your website. We’re excited to be able to put this level of fine control in your hands and can’t wait to see what you do with it. Other great new features in WPtouch Pro 3.6 include:

  • More powerful URL filters – select pages that WPtouch Pro ignores or have just a few pages of your website displayed with the WPtouch Pro theme.
  • Web App Mode startup screens for iPhone 6 and 6+.
  • Disable JetPack Jetpack modules (related posts, sharing buttons, like box) when deselected in the plugin compatibility tool.
  • Added fine control of various features, including post type selection for the featured slider, better RTL support, improved gallery handling, and more!

Get started with WPtouch Pro 3.6 by upgrading through the WordPress admin, downloading a copy from the WPtouch Support site, or purchasing your WPtouch Pro license today!

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October 2, 2014 – By Dale Mugford

MobileStore: A WPtouch Theme for WooCommerce


A new WooCommerce theme built with the power of WPtouch.

Lightning Fast, Made for Mobile & WooCommerce

Expect higher conversions with our new polished mobile theme for WooCommerce. We’ve worked hard to deliver refined user interaction and store exploration. With MobileStore for WPtouch we analyzed dozens of eCommerce websites and worked to bring the best of commerce for the mobile web together into one package.

For us, it seems many WooCommerce themes, including responsive themes, fall short of delivering a great mobile shopping experience. It appears many of these themes treat mobile as an afterthought— a thing they have to be able to do to call them “responsive”.

But responsive shouldn’t mean elements just fit on the page for mobile devices. That’s simply not enough when it comes to the mobile experience, and customers who come to a shop on their mobile devices need a good shopping experience to want to purchase via mobile.

That’s why we put our 6+ years of working on the mobile web towards building MobileStore.

Both the design and code behind MobileStore have been built together in harmony with WooCommerce, while all standard WooCommerce features are supported and delivered in a cohesive, mobile-centric way.

Months in the Making

We spent hundreds of hours on MobileStore carefully constructing a smart, intuitive theme that’s simply a joy to use.


Elegant Design

With MobileStore you get an awesome touch-friendly menu, easy-access everywhere cart, smooth animated product views, including multi-touch zoom and pan product galleries. MobileStore also features a mobile-specific checkout that’s user-friendly and made to mivs customers through the checkout process smoothly.

Customize and Brand

Easily choose fonts, brand colors and logos to add to the theme, and make it your own. MobileStore for WPtouch and WooCommerce comes with great features baked it you can easily control.

All the Woo You Need

MobileStore has built in support for all out-of-the-box WooCommerce features, and we’ll be adding more support for its popular add-ons going forward. MobileStore works with WooCommerce 2.1 or later.

All The Power Of WPtouch

You don’t just get a mobile theme with MobileStore, you get all the powerful features WPtouch customers enjoy— features like Web-App Mode, which enable iOS visitors to save your store to their home screens just like native apps. Your customers can even make purchases from inside Web-App Mode as well.

IOS 8 Support

Mobile store also fully supports iOS 8, and can leverage Handoff to send your product pages between desktop and iPads and iPhones. We also support iOS’s new photo credit card feature, which enables customers to take a photo of their credit card to fill out your purchase form.

MobileStore is available today and is included with all WPtouch Developer/Agency licenses or higher.

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August 28, 2014 – By Duane Storey

WPtouch Security Update – Version 3.4.7

Yesterday someone informed us of a potential security issue with file uploads within WPtouch. After investigating, we determined that the code that allows WordPress administrators to upload files needed to be hardened to not accept certain types of files. We’ve included this fix in version 3.4.7, which was released last night for WPtouch Pro as well as the free version of WPtouch.

This issue only affected WordPress administrators who were already logged in, many of whom typically have access to the file system already. When possible, update to 3.4.7 which includes the updated file upload handling with improved security.

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August 26, 2014 – By Duane Storey

WPtouch Pro 3.4.6 Now Available

We just released WPtouch Pro 3.4.6, which includes a few new features as well as a few bug fixes.

Here’s a list of what has been changed:

  • Changed: Now allow mid-content advertisements in Multi-ads (Pro only)
  • Fixed: Sharing link text no longer output in Related Posts excerpts
  • Fixed: Checkboxes & radio buttons in comment forms are visibly checked
  • Fixed: Featured slider showing selected pages
  • Fixed: Display of comment count at top of posts in Bauhaus after comments have closed
  • Fixed: Shortcodes are now processed properly in the Multi-ads extension advertising code (Pro only)
  • Fixed: RTL issues with related posts

You can update WPtouch Pro to the new version from the plugin page. It can take up to four hours to show that a new update is available, so if you don’t see the update, please try again later. If your license has expired, you can renew it here.

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