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Mobile Suite for WordPress

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The complete mobile solution for WordPress.

Trusted by nearly six million users and companies, including some of the world's top brands.

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Works on all popular mobile platforms:

supported devices: apple iphone, blackberry, android, firefox os, windows phone

Stylish themes that impress.

Each WPtouch theme is meticulously designed & developed for quality, speed and ease of use.

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Powerful extensions take WPtouch to the next level.

Extensions for WPtouch are like mini-plugins to enhance your mobile setup.

Go mobile in minutes:

  1. Upload the plugin into your WordPress installation (we'll help you if you need it)
  2. Activate the plugin, and WPtouch is instantly working— your website is mobile!
  3. Choose a theme, colors, logos, and other options to setup your mobile site the way you want.

Our customers love it.

Over 2 million websites worldwide rely on WPtouch to deliver a great mobile experience for WordPress